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If you want to DIY an interconnect, then the best method with common tools and materials is typically to get the smallest gauge you can find, 24-30AWG for example. Dielectric of choice is teflon tubing. Then you would twist the pair by hand with atleast 3 twists per inch, and optionally wrap it with a shield of mesh or foil.
Seeing that the Alpha Dogs are 90dB/mW, i don't think there would be a problem unless you want to exceed 115dB SPL, then you might have a little dynamic compression.
I also agree with Purrin, that Teac really is a POS, just really harsh and unrefined. I had it for about 2 weeks doing A/B with the Yulong D18 and it didn't rival the D18 in any area, except features.
The general rule of thumb is that if your amps input impedance is 47kOhms or higher and interconnects are less than a meter in length, your system is passive compliant and a passive pre should be used. If any of those requirements can't be met, then an active preamp should be used.
I use the LDR3x, which is like 1/10th the cost of their finished units :)As far as I know, Tortuga Audio has the best implementation in the market. They use software control to keep everything in the most optimized and calibrated configuration. No other LDR i have come across carries that advantage. User Potterma however has made a homebrew LDR preamp, you could try contacting him about a 'standard' LDR preamp. The LDR3x is incredibly simple to build. All you need is 2...
I can wholeheartedly agree with getting a preamp for the highest fidelity. I remember when I was using a integrated receiver, then I bypassed all the controls and used a LDR-based passive preamp. Wow, I couldn't believe just how much resolution i was missing. The preamp in the integrated was holding the entire amp back!    All things being equal, here's how I prioritize my gear. My opinion of course, and YMMV   1) Headphones 2) Source material 3) DAC / Turntable 4)...
That looks beautiful man! I was a little concerned about your higher voltage toroidals, but it looks like it worked out in the end :) How long does it take to fully warm up in that 5U beast? Always happy to help a fellow Head-Fi'er!  Edit: I am building F4 and Aleph J very soon and am going with 50v Elna Silmic II's, solen fast caps, and some very nice panasonic ecwf films for the bypasses. Still looking for a source for matched quad MOSFETs, do you have a referral by chance?
Hmm, do you mind providing a link. My google search isn't bringing it up.
The answer would be yes, but I don't have experience with the JH13. Perhaps if you live in USA you can call Moon Audio or BTG audio for their services in retermination.
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