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Hi NawiLlih,   Please send a mail to salesteam@nuforce.com and we can arrange one for you :)
The design of both with or without mic is such that both cables in terms of audio performance has no difference, because of our design, the microphone is at the Y split, and the microphone has its own signal and independent ground wires, as not to affect the earphone signals.
  Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately it is our policy that we don´t release such information and thus I can´t answer you. NuForce is all about sound quality and we build products with NuForce sound quality - loyal and truthful to the original material. Let me know if you have other question. Thanks!
 The T-100 and Ts-100 tips’ physical “sound tube” openings are nearly identical, see below:   Because of the manufacturing process there will be slight differences in overall height, inner-core placement in-side the foam (it may stick out, or be recessed, at the bottom of the tip by +/- 0.125mm, or be flush), which may influence the shape, height, and/or angle of the “horn”-loading of the sound tube. The Ts has less material around the outside of the “horn” area, as seen...
You can check Dsnuts' review. http://www.head-fi.org/products/nuforce-icon-udac-3-high-resolution-usb-digital-audio-converter-dac-silver/reviews/9833
Hi,  I'm sorry to let you wait so long. The CNY holiday is just over on Tuesday and it's back to normal now. Let me PM you and see what I can do to help you.
 Unless special DSD to PCM conversion software is first installed on the PC and used to convert and then store the resulting PCM file on the hard drive, then normally the DSD conversion process will not take place. This only makes sense. Conversely, the conversion process supported by the Icon DAC takes place "on demand" and in "quasi-real time" under control of Foobar 2000. Therefore, the resulting PCM data after conversion must be transferred directly to the Icon DAC...
Here's our RD's reply regarding to your question:   Direct-Stream Digital is simply a 1-bit digital audio format that is based on the Sigma-Delta encoding/decoding architecture, and in practice is commonly referred to as a DSD recording/file.   Many are not aware though that whether they are employed in the processing of PCM or DSD signals, all modern DAC chips are actually based on the same basic 1-bit Sigma-Delta architecture. In short, the only real question is...
 Hi earfonia, After I reply to you our RD send me a correction o_0  Here's what he said: The previous statement is wrong. The DSD conversion happens in the ASIO driver layer.The sound is clearly improvement by specific ASIO driver.I think user will hear the different between DSD and PCM playback. So you're right but the sound should be different. 
        The NuForce uDAC-3 delivers truly superior sound via a high-performance, 24bit/96kHz USB Digital Audio Converter (DAC) and allows you to connect digital audio from your computer to your home stereo, desktop sound system, powered speakers or headphones. Employing the latest asynchronous USB communication for reduced jitter performance, you can be certain that you'll always hear a harmonically accurate presentation. Furthermore, for limited DSD support the...
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