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How does it compares to spin fit in other earphones? What i heard that Spinfit has some problem with Dunu DN2k?
Well explained, i basically just fit all my big nozzle earphones to spin fit currently, it solves my problem from changing to different sizes.
Picture to explain the basic of spin fit   
I'm not using RE-400 so i couldn't give you any feedback on the result, however so far i had try it with several pairs of earphone, all of them are getting improvement.
Frankly speaking, lots of earphone companies don't include nice and custom made tips for their earphone to sound good, mostly OEM from china to fit into the package. So far the stock tips i like are from Sony hybrids and Klipsch tips.
Not too sure on that, are both of the company linked?
Just found out you can buy them in SpinFit FB page too,, they are using Fedex hence the price.
You can try them both =D, since Spinfit is relatively cheap.
It is hard to conclude, as one is silicon, one is foam, however for me, i personally prefer Spinfit, as i dislike foam kind of feeling.
it does fit into my weird tiny right ear canal.
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