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The main problem is JVC only promote this series in their home country Japan, while big region such as US, Europe, their subsidiary office not really focus much into audiophile range, hence you see not many reviews in this region. 
 Yea, for how much they charging, this headphone definitely worth the high light, guess everyone is occupied by massive new models coming out recently.
Too bad they are really unknown to the market, i still couldn't find any replacement of my FX1200, despite i tried most of the brand in the similar price range.
Wow you got it so cheap ?! Guess my region is more expensive sadly.
I would say it is bit recess on the mid side, nevertheless, i use them mostly for transit, outdoor.
It is good that i don't really need amplifier to amp it now, as mentioned by spw1880, 1200 doesn't benefit much through cheap entry range portable amplifier, as least i know how far this earphone can perform and i can choose to play with the cable or amplifier in future stage. 
Interestingly, this headphone has been launched for quite sometime, but there aren't many discussions and reviews going up, i'm not sure whether is Beyerdynamic didn't push it hard enough to promote this model or the headphone is not that great, personally USD149 it has been under the radar for quite a while, the headphone performs amazingly, i have both the Custom One Pro and Custom Street and they sound different.  For an on ear headphone, it still maintains the...
got my fx1200, man this earphone is pretty underrated in my region, the build quality and sound really worth all the penny i spend and yea the sound signature more leans toward all rounder with decent bass punch.  
I just got the SW02 not too long, currently still burning in, as standard, it is harsh and unrefined fresh out of box, treble is slight over, after 50 hours, it trimmed down a little, currently still going through the process.
Got myself a SW02 and FX1200, seriously i love the craftsmanship, it is exquisite and solid for the structure. In term of sound, SW01 comparing with 02, i like the SW02 slightly more, as 02 has slight warmer and richer in mid signature, more trimmed treble, while SW01 has the dynamic range.   
New Posts  All Forums: