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Yea, unfortunately there aren't many reviews on this model, i believe mainly it is a phase lift with its previous model MMX101/102, so they isn't any attentions to this model.In the mean you people can check out review for the predecessor. 
Amiron is really different, comparing between Amiron and DT1990, frankly speaking i love the Amiron better, it is more relaxing and less fatigue to your ears, for a direct comparison, DT1990 sounded harsh and sharp on the treble side. Extremely balance, neutral and not over emphasise in anyway, mid is relaxing and smooth, for HD650 and Amiron, i will pick amiron any day. 
Sound won't be any much different comparing with MMX102. I got it in a discounted price, it is quite worth it consider how much i bought it, however if you looking at original price at around USD50, the competition might be quite huge around this range, i wouldn't say it is the best sounding, but hey i got extra volume control and microphone in it for my daily usage. In the mean time you can search for MMX102/101 for the review.
Yea i have it, it is exactly same with their previous model MMX102, seem like a change of name and packaging only.
I believe you can do that, i did it with ACS T15 before.
Yea, their tips seem kind of weird as the stem part is pretty short, not easy to change around, i using Shure olive as well, the isolation and fitting seem better with that.
Well too bad in my region i only get handful of model available, mostly commercial brand such as Plantronic, Jabra and etc, so Beyerdynamic Byron is my best choice at this moment until i have personally tested myself something great.
The remote seem extremely bulky, any reason why this is better?
I did compare with Jaybird X2 with BT, as they both pricing is about the same at this moment. Comfort I prefer the BT, it is smaller, less bulky and easier to fit into my small ear canal, i don't need to twist around to find the perfect fit, it is just simple plug and play without adjusting much. For long hour using, X2 can cause some pain to my ear due to the size, while BT is just fine, mainly it doesnt chuck in big battery inside the housing. Overall BT >...
Yea they are not so good for activities, they are more suitable for people who wants SQ with wireless feature.
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