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So it means T90 is discontinued? 
Found out this review on BTA, have a read on them if you are going for the BTA, it is a very great product.   http://majorhifi.com/beyerdynamic-byron-bta-wireless-review/
Beside sound quality different, according to the websiteBTA is using 4.2 while BT is using 4.1 bluetoothBTA has AAC codecsBTA has fast charing cradleBTA has high quality DSP (digital signal processor) 
I'm going to get a pair for my BT, will update you once i have any firm answer, however i doubt they can fit, the nozzle is kinda weird.
Ok i haven't try to let my friend use and call to me, however i did use it for call answering, so far there aren't anyone keep telling me "Come again/Pardon?", so i assume the microphone quality is "Average", don't expect it is top notch quality. 
I'm using my old Samsung Note 3 for this model since i use it majority outdoorm i'm interested how it performs in high end player such as AK380
So far i'm fine the build quality, the tips yes they are quite different with conventional type and the grill so far is fine for me as well. SQ wise, i personally don't recommend you compare directly with same price wire product, there are still draw back in term of SQ due to compression but i heard using APTX device will boost the SQ even further. I only compare with same price range bluetooth product and Byron has the edge.
It is amazing and you won't regret =)
i got my BT, so far i'm satisfied with the sound and build quality from the earphone itself, it has strong deep and punchy bass but not boomy, slight recess a little on high, not the tradition bright sound of Beyerdynamic.
I just listed to the latest Plantronic Back beat to go 3, the different is quite huge, going to get the BT once it is available in my region. The bullet design of the housing is small, it doesnt really chuck directly into my small ears. The magnet design is not the latest but handy nevertheless.
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