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It's been a while, i wish to update the first page especially where to get it, it would be kind if you guys can post out the link where you purchase it from beside Jaben, i will compound in a list and post in the first post.
 It is a bit confusing from the website since it is new, the price is in AUD999 actually, so far i haven't find any price cheaper then it in amazon yet. Maybe i'm bad in searching =\  
Just found out a new headphone website is selling T5p in a crazy price, in case you guys are looking for a new pair. http://fourgizmo.com
Yea, i would like to know what do you guys mean that it can't spin.
Genuine or not, i believe it is depend on different batch and who they OEM to, all of them are from same factory anyway, maybe in the process of manufacturing, spec has been changed due to different requirement. At this moment Jaben has the proper packaging (Latest), you can see first page first post, i have updated the package picture from Jaben FB page.
updated first page for some extra information, with website attached too.
You can try buy from their official FB page https://www.facebook.com/SpinfitEartips/app_251458316228 I'm not exactly sure whether they have the color you need.
Just found out their new packaging from their Facebook page, finally we have great information on the progress, you can visit the page at  https://www.facebook.com/SpinfitEartips/photos/a.874893219188597.1073741828.871659542845298/1017630054914912/?type=1&theater     "First sighting of SpinFit! Coming soon with 4 sizes available for the CP100 and DO follow up our pages so that you won't miss out on the arrival of these awesome ear tips!"  
yea problem is they are kinda slow to come out with smaller bore size ear tips, eve though there is solution with modification, but i still prefer without it. 
Cool! May i know where does spin fit release the news?
New Posts  All Forums: