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 Yes, FAD designs their own driver, it is the second company beside Sony who self design their very own BA driver.How would i know it? Well, i asked Mr Takai =D
I'm really happy the increasing of FAD user in everywhere and the acceptance rate of the brand. Comparing with last time, FAD had a very bad reputation in everywhere, usually associate with "Over price, Snake Oil", and my friend called me dumb because i bought the FAD =(
Damn, the Heaven V and Heaven V aging both have differences in the sound presentation!
been there, seriously i must thanks to the organizer for this event, especially Jaben. The event is amazing, i finally able to get to try out some rare equipments such as Abyss, Stax 009, Hi-fi M8, mass kobo and rudistor RP308.
Woaw, the laser printing looks great! I should do it for my AK100 too =D
Good review you have there! Heaven VI really shines well.
Awesome! Will definitely be there!
It should be the special edition orange color, packaging and color are the only different, while sound remain the same with normal version and the orange version.
The latest Pandora series Hope IV and VI, they sounded amazingly good. Hope IV (left) has a strong characteristic of mid range, while the VI (Right) offers great detail and clarity. Both of them are Dynamic + Balance Armature, picture from Jaben in Malaysia Hifi show. 
Hi guys, i'm in the project of gathering reviews for Final Audio PF series, the reason was during few weeks ago, i was explaining to my friend about the story and concept of FAD PF series, sort of convincing him to take the plunge for PF series (He is a vocal lover), too bad i couldn't let him try out the PFVIII that i am currently using (We both live far away from each other). After a few days of research, he went for JH 13, mainly because he told me there aren't...
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