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I have the Ws1100 and I really do enjoy them. I was in japan looking for a bass heavy can when i bought them and I was fortunate enough to try a lot of head phone before i settled on these one. One thing I love about this one compare to the M100 and the jvc 2000 is that this has less sub bass but still has a presence and these are very clear. The JVC had a lot of plastic and I did not like the build quality at all.   I also have the M100 and these are just bass monsters....
I don't use my he-500 too often but when I decided to give it some love I find myself listen to music till late in the night. There something about these headphone that I don't think I will every let go in my collection. There's something the HE-500 does that no other headphone I own can replicate. Maybe one day when I get my pair of HE-6, I'll have a different opinion about the HE-500. 
Nice write up.    These headphones are my goto portables. 
            Only took a few pictures at the meet. Spend most of my time listening, hindsight should have lined up all the hps and took a nice picture
I'll bring   Schiit Bifrost Schiit Lyr /w ECC88 Orange Globes and Bugle Boy
Trout Lake, nice and close to home
I'm down to put some money in
Well not really, sound cards has a purpose,  It's good if you use it for games but for music I think for music your better off with an external dac for about the same eg a bifrost, d1, o2, modi, etc. Then you need an amp, I guess the schiit M/M stack is really good for the price since it's less then your sound card
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