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            Only took a few pictures at the meet. Spend most of my time listening, hindsight should have lined up all the hps and took a nice picture
I'll bring   Schiit Bifrost Schiit Lyr /w ECC88 Orange Globes and Bugle Boy
Trout Lake, nice and close to home
I'm down to put some money in
Well not really, sound cards has a purpose,  It's good if you use it for games but for music I think for music your better off with an external dac for about the same eg a bifrost, d1, o2, modi, etc. Then you need an amp, I guess the schiit M/M stack is really good for the price since it's less then your sound card
Yes there sound be line out that will bypass the amp on the sound card if you plan to run analog or if you can always use spdif.
I ran the HE500 with an Auzentech Forte soundcard and it was decent but it because very dynamic and textured when I used a seperate dac/amp, I'd would suggest amp/dac combo if you are going to get the HE500 or else stick with the HE400 since can be driven by pretty much anything.
  Interesting, I need to audition to those 3 phones, that will be hard for where I live or I can buy them blind.   thanks for the suggestion, didn't really think of fostex
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