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  Op updated. Thanks for your help :)
Does anyone have any recommendations for IEMs that fit really well when laying side ways? I love my current headphones, AD700s, but they're impossible to lay sideways with. I was thinking of going with the AT CKM500s because they'd have that AT house sound but I was also looking at the Hifiman RE262 and the FAD Agadio V. I've only ever had $10 IEMs, so I don't really know what to expect out of them. Does anyone know how those three IEMs would compare to my AD700s sound...
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove my ad700's. They are a little too weak on the bass though, if you pair it with a nice amp that has bass boost(Like the fiio e10) it's perfect :D They're are so comfortable as long as your head isn't small. If you game for long periods, get these, they're super comfy. They have a nice soundstage too. Pinpointing footsteeps is easy.   If bass is important, tryout some bass boost before you try another set of cans. I didn't even...
If I needed some rca patch cables, I would buy these just for that post XD
Thank you both! That saves me 50$ :D
I was looking at buying a pair of Ortofon E-q5 IEMS and the review I looked at suggested buying them from Musica Acoustics - The price there is 50$ cheaper than Amazon or even the US Musica Acoustics shop which makes me doubtful of whether or not it's legitimate. Is it? It would make sense if the price was in Euros but it doesn't specify Euros anywhere, it just uses the sign for USD.
I have really good experiences with my e10 paired with an AD700. It's in the same price range so I recommend it!
Thanks for the help! :)
Are there any easy solutions for downsampling? it seems like all of the down sampling programs are Linux only and I haven't used linux in years^_^;;; Although I was kinda looking at getting gentoo....
Maybe not as nice as runawaybrainz but I still think it looks awesome :D How much did the entire project cost?
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