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I have both and belong to the Houston Audio Society whose members have pretty good equipment and often we compare live vs. a recorded version in the same space and at only moments after the artists finish playing. Everybody has an opinion just as I do
Stax Lambda Pro SRM-1/MK2 recently updated by Accutech (serial A) with SR-307 is so much more detailed and deeper bass than my old HD600 with silver cables and the Valhalla tube amp. The SR-307 are a major improvement over the original Stax SR V headphones.
I am a long time Canon fan and have owned  2) 1D mark II,  G10, and a Vixia HF G10. Currently I own a 50D and 5D mark II and a G12. Canon "L" lens: 50mm 1.2, 100-400 IS, 40-70 IS and a 10-24 Tamron, Focus speed is a combination of the camera and lens communication but also the light level and subject movement as well as things between you and the focus point. Set the ASA higher and the speed increases when everything else stays the same. This a complex subject and isn't...
I can only suggest that if you find them uncomfortable don't buy them - I don't seem to have the same issues that you have suggest so try to find comfort first then sound quality, especially if movies and games are important.
My order was shipped from Amazon Prime and they are real or the best fakes I have ever seen plus the sound good to boot. You also asked about the Sennheisers which I haven't heard but are supposedly a good value.
WOW that was great I found it interesting to see how each headphone scored differently based on the music selected.  I wondered how many times our conclusions are based on too few music selections when comparing the merits of competing headphones? Also the cosmetics of a product along with the relative difficulty in matching sound output can make a louder headphone sound better - I know you tried to account for the variations.  GREAT JOB and Thanks
Thanks to all good inputs to say the least
Sennheiser DH600 with stock cables are my primary connected to a Headroom Supreme upgraded to reference (maybe 18 years ago) - connected via Cardas RCA to mini HiFi Man 602 w/HDTracks flac or MP3 @ 320k, also DAT Onkyo DT-9000 connected with a Denon DA-500, or HP quad notebook usb through Total BitHead are my sources Thanks to all
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