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Its probably not working because the device is already in use by other programs. If so, there will be a red X shown in the ASIO control panel, like this:     The best thing to do is to set your default sound card in windows to something else, before starting ASIO playback. That way nothing will prevent ASIO from taking exclusive control of the DAC/sound card.
Yes, in the ASIO control panel you need to de-select every sound device in the left column except for the device you want ASIO to send audio to. There is a little blue power icon next to each one. Only the one corresponding to the sound card / DAC you are using should be selected. Once you do that, restart Fidelify and it should work.   Like this:  
Nice to see all the updates to Fidelify over the last several weeks. I've updated the first post with the latest info.
 Interesting. So it sounds like Alessandro are probably upgrading to the new 'e' models as well. That's good news.
 Take your time. :) Thanks for the feedback its been very helpful! These new Violectrics sound like winners. Looking forward to more comments & impressions.
Thanks @Tuneslover! That info will probably come in handy for other head-fi'ers in the future. I'll link to it from the first post.
 Care to share the photos and instructions Fried gave you in case other head-fi'ers find themselves in that same situation? Thanks
 The Magni is widely regarded as a pretty bright amp so it might be that the G109 is neutral and you're just used to the Magni's signature.
Fried mentioned in an earlier post (quite a while ago, cant remember which post) that the end-user can in fact change the AC mains voltage on their own but it requires a little soldering. I think you're right, your best bet is to get in touch with Lake People and ask for instructions and then do it yourself or have a professional do it for you if you don't feel comfortable. But it should be fairly easy. Let us know what you learn.
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