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And to be clear, in regards to the HD700's treble issue that I described-- I don't just mean it has emphasized treble. Generally speaking I found it to be a touch bright but I actually really liked the signature (my favorite headphone is the DT880 and the HD700 was quite similar in that regard). Personally I would not say the HD700 is overly bright. The issue was that a very small section of the treble frequencies sounded overly-emphasized and *distorted*. To my ears, the...
They created the HD800 before the HD700. ;)
FWIW, I found the HD700 to be superior to the HD600 in pretty much every way aside from natural/accurate tonality which the HD600 excels at.   That said, the HD700 had a serious problem with its treble that was absolutely a deal breaker. There was a small section of treble frequencies that sounded very over-emphasized and distorted. It was downright depressing because of how excellent everything else about the headphone was.
I think the problem is that the DT770 already has a very wide soundstage, especially for a closed headphone, and even in comparison to most open headphones.   The difference in soundstage size between the Premium and Pro models are very minimal. Hold out the DT990s so they are pressing down on your head slightly less and you'll have an idea of what (if any) difference in soundstage size there is.
No problem. I do enough Googlin' for the both of us. ;)   They're not cheap but they're worth it IMO. I much prefer these to the dirt cheap pads (in quality not price) that so many headphones use.   EDIT: The ones on Amazon are out of stock. The other 3 are in stock.
Yeah they'll fit.
 Yep, those are the EDT 990 VB which are identical in every way to the pads that come on the DT880 except that they are black instead of silver. I use them on my DT880 as well. 
Looks like the G109 made Tyll's headphone amplifier wall of fame:
 The DT1350 might have what you're looking for.
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