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 Yeah, the DT990 I recently purchased did have security stickers on either side of the box but they're the only Beyers I've seen that had those. Mine are the all-black limited edition version and the pads do seem a bit stiffer than regular Beyer velours. AFAIK the pads are made by hand so its possible that they just produced a batch of blacks that happened to be stuffed with slightly more padding. Unfortunately that means they will take even longer to wear down to where,...
 The bass definitely improves a ton with amping. Just the other night my roommate and I were listening on our smartphones with the DT880 & the AKG K712 and it reminded me just how big a difference amping makes for the DT880. The AKG K712 sounds essentially the same without one, it just doesn't get as loud. But the DT880 sounds very different. With and without my iBasso D42 Mamba was like night and day. Without it there was very little bass and almost zero sub-bass. With...
 None of my DT770/DT880/DT990 have ever come with a serial number sticker on the headphones themselves, and I've purchased several of them. Its also normal to not have security seals on the box itself. They do have a serial number sticker on the box, at least all but my DT 880 Pro do.
Nice find @FuzzyD   DT880 are one of the best values in headphones if not *the* best. And that's a good price. I like the look of the all black limited edition. Wish it came in 600 ohm.   Enjoy! Let us know what you think.
 Even at $170 its a good value IMO but yeah, at $130 or $140 its a steal. Whether a DAC or an amp would have a larger positive impact is hard to say. If the audio output on your computer is poor then a DAC might be a big improvement. Otherwise an amp would probably be a bigger improvement with the DT770 since amping gives it better sound quality plus gives you the ability to get plenty of volume out of it regardless of your source material.
 I haven't heard those, no. I've heard *of* them. Someone else in this thread might have.
 I imagine either one of those would be better than nothing and you could always upgrade to a more powerful amp in the future.
 Others can chime in as well but in my experience, no. All of the Beyer DT 770/880/990 struggle to get loud enough without an amp. Even the 32 ohm DT880, the lowest impedance of all of them, struggles. I bought a set for my brother who was plugging them directly into a relatively recent desktop build and he came back to me after a week or two saying he wasn't getting enough volume. I ended up getting him an O2 amp.
  Here you go: And here's the glossary for equipment/technical terms:
In case anyone is curious-- the Beyerdynamic A20 works very well with the 600 ohm Beyers. There is definitely no lack of volume here. With my very quietest tracks (very old recordings etc) I have to turn it up to about 3 o'clock to get it super loud but with typical tracks I stay well under the half way point of the volume knob. In fact, even with my Lake People G109 set to its highest gain setting it requires a higher setting on its volume knob to reach equivalent...
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