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Samsung EVO 840... 1TB ;)A question has risen in my mind... What file systems does the classic / rockbox support. and does it even matter?The HDD seems to be fat32. But could it be possible to use btrfs/ext4/ext3/ntfs.. ? and if so, how much could it effect on battery life.
    Just waiting for the mSata drive to come in the mail...
Blue tack is pretty much the best way to go ;) Sticks nicely, comes apart pretty good when need be.I have 6 dots of bluetack. 3 on each side on my iPod Classic -> Arrow 4G stack.
Interesting, someone at rhapsodio has received arrow 5
How do i go about changing the hdd to SSD? Do i need to format the ssd(mSata) outside of ipod, and just copy over the .rockbox etc folder form the hdd. and then swap it in. Or can i swap it in un formatted. and then somehow restore, and re rockbox the device?
you can thank the placebo for that.
- no benefits over a standard usb cable- not as practical as a standard cable
Why would you ever get a usb cable like that.
the damn thing is pretty rock solid, and needs serious force to be torn apart.
hmm received my tarkan mSata adapter..  Haven't ordered mSata drive yet, kind of debating how much i like to spend. Haven't received my LOD cable and the 2000mAh battery is still on its way.
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