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yeah, but that's unconvenient
P1 has mSd slot so i dont think there are 256GB cards yet for that.
yah th too bad, BUT i do see couple srews at the bottom there, wonder what comes off when you unscrew those, as long as its not glued together, I wouldn't mind opening it and swapping the battery. As long as there would be compatible batteries available from somewhere.
So how does Cowon P1 compare to all that, since this is P1 thread!!!!!! @SilverEars @kawaivpc1 @LargoCantabile
English product page for P1 seems to be up.
Based on only pictures I think P1 looks better than most A&K:s
Plugged my Shure se535 into one of these at the store yesterday. Se535 definitely picks up background hiss from LG G3, enough so to be an annoyance for me. And to be clear, on both channels.
all, atleast up from se215 are kevlar reinforced, silver plating is propably only on the se846.
 I'll just repost this here.... 
sounds like i need to buy all of em, then again, id like to have 24/96 support on the dac :/
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