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had a little lissen on it the other day with se535, sounded pretty nice. The unit had spotify on it, so had to rely on what ever they provides, took a while to found out how the damn spotify app works what a horribly UI on it. also neutralized the EQ on the marshall music app, not sure if it effected all audio or just that app. It Provided pretty nice baas with se535. It had also Marshall Monitors up for testing with it. those headphones were really uncomfortable and damn...
Just received Audeze leather pads for my K550. Quite bit thicker and adding clamping force!
 So is the Cirrus Logic WM8281 that is on this Marshall phone any good?I haven't been following android development since i swapped to Jolla (Sailfish OS), runs smooth on 1.4Ghz dual core and 1GB ram. So does android 5.0 have better efficiency than previous versions. I ques the major thing is it's running to new android runtime, instead of dalvik. 1.2 GHz Quad Core and 2GB of ram should be enough to run a mobile OS and couple apps. is the DAC Chip on this good enough to...
maybe this new thing? https://www.marshallheadphones.com/mh_se_en/london-phone
Got a link to those pics? massdrop just wants me to sign up. won't bother. i'v had K550 for a long time too and the rubbery plastic coating is just fine on the cans. its the metal coating on the corners of the headband that is gone :P
Ah, rest of the old stuff (i7 960 (4GHz oc), 6Gb ram, on sabertooth X58) in my build has been swapped last night.     to i7 5930K @4GHz, 16Gb DDR4 3000MHz, on ASUS x99 Deluxe  
i'll just post this here before anyone buys a 64 or 128GB card ;) http://gizmodo.com/sandisk-squeezes-200gb-into-a-tiny-microsd-card-1688307827
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