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 As far as i can tell, yeah.   So the recovery failed, and it still boots to emcore/rockbox? in that case, that usb driver thing should help with the recovery to work properly. It boots to apple firmware? Then i dunno why it would have files left, just delete the .rockbox folder i ques.
 How is that a problem? why would you not have it mounted as external drive, while also having itunes working with it?
 iTunes recovery not working?, Download zadig_2.1.2 from this guidehttp://www.head-fi.org/t/532426/ipod-classic-rockbox-its-happening/3375#post_12092417direct link to download: http://zadig.akeo.ie/downloads/zadig_2.1.2.exe put iPod in DFU mode, and connect to PC, run zadig, select USB DFU device (you need to go to options, list all devices), and WinUSB driver, and click install/reinstall. Now iTunes should detect the iPod properly, and recovery to apple firmware should work.
  Ipod Classic(7G) w/ iFlash dual, 357GB FiiO L11 adapter DIY 3.5mm interconnect cable Headstage Arrow 4G Shure se535 w/ custom filters
On rockbox utility, yes, 6th gen.
MD username: Whippler I'd like to see Shure KSE1500 featured on MD
had a little lissen on it the other day with se535, sounded pretty nice. The unit had spotify on it, so had to rely on what ever they provides, took a while to found out how the damn spotify app works what a horribly UI on it. also neutralized the EQ on the marshall music app, not sure if it effected all audio or just that app. It Provided pretty nice baas with se535. It had also Marshall Monitors up for testing with it. those headphones were really uncomfortable and damn...
Just received Audeze leather pads for my K550. Quite bit thicker and adding clamping force!
 So is the Cirrus Logic WM8281 that is on this Marshall phone any good?I haven't been following android development since i swapped to Jolla (Sailfish OS), runs smooth on 1.4Ghz dual core and 1GB ram. So does android 5.0 have better efficiency than previous versions. I ques the major thing is it's running to new android runtime, instead of dalvik. 1.2 GHz Quad Core and 2GB of ram should be enough to run a mobile OS and couple apps. is the DAC Chip on this good enough to...
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