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That Blackberry is just beautiful!
Damn screen still turns on even if the device is turned off, and hold switch is on...
Kingston has 128GB mSDXC cards too.
Tested A15 for quite a while at Sony store with se535. There was slight hiss, but less than on quite a bit of other players, like sansa clip+. Not as good as hifiman hm-602 tough.
thanks... i was thinking about getting A15 for se535.Local Sony store got a demo unit today, and I went to see it. The damn thing was bolted to stand so that you couldn't even change headphones to it. So i ques i wont be interested on it anyway anymore due to hiss.
interested, but local Sony store has been waiting for ~7weeks for a demo unit :(
I have se535 for on the go, and K550 for home. They are somewhat similar, but they do have their differences. Better check it out if you have a chance to listen to K550.
How does it sound with se535, any hiss? Are there themes for the UI, the default icons look horrible on all the pics.
Based on a google search, that standard Samsung SSD deos not contain an mSata drive in it. Edit: and then there is this teardown.,3567-3.html
Samsung EVO 840... 1TB ;)A question has risen in my mind... What file systems does the classic / rockbox support. and does it even matter?The HDD seems to be fat32. But could it be possible to use btrfs/ext4/ext3/ntfs.. ? and if so, how much could it effect on battery life.
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