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Got a link to those pics? massdrop just wants me to sign up. won't bother. i'v had K550 for a long time too and the rubbery plastic coating is just fine on the cans. its the metal coating on the corners of the headband that is gone :P
Ah, rest of the old stuff (i7 960 (4GHz oc), 6Gb ram, on sabertooth X58) in my build has been swapped last night.     to i7 5930K @4GHz, 16Gb DDR4 3000MHz, on ASUS x99 Deluxe  
i'll just post this here before anyone buys a 64 or 128GB card ;)
odd, my A15 stops after the last song in the album, even when starting from the middle of the album.
 on playback screen, hit option key, select Play Mode, choose normal, and hit ok.
  When i first plugged in my Shure se535 for a test, the bass increase was pretty clear compared to arrow 4G, with bass boost on 1, with ipod classic or clip+It's definately a bassy player to me, but in a good way. still need to figure out if i will end up using A15 alone (with ~33Ohm or so on cable to cut out hiss on se535). Or with arrow 4G, propably going to stay with the amp.
Haven't found any myself.
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