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Plugged my Shure se535 into one of these at the store yesterday. Se535 definitely picks up background hiss from LG G3, enough so to be an annoyance for me. And to be clear, on both channels.
all, atleast up from se215 are kevlar reinforced, silver plating is propably only on the se846.
 I'll just repost this here.... 
sounds like i need to buy all of em, then again, id like to have 24/96 support on the dac :/
What DAC does it have? I have been searching for a new dap (zx-1 / calyx m / cowon P1). Maybe i should just get the Arrow 5G, and get a compatible cheap android phone to go with it (not worried on the wifi/2g/3G distortion since i don't plan to use it as a phone at all).   I have Arrow 4G and like it quite a bit, what i want is a stand alone dap, or something to Drive arrow 4G. or just get the 5G, maybe i could trade in the 4G for 5G?
Interesting, might want one of these, but this one doesn't ship to Finland...
And the P1 is still rated for 8.5h of playtime, while zx-1 offers over 20h on cd quality flac.
    Android 4.1 is plenty new IMO. half a year ago i was running android 2.3 on my phone, witch looks fabulous with MIUI, and has all the usefull features. Just trying android 4.4 on my old phone, it doesnt seem to bring anything new compared to the android 2.3 rom i have on it. But anyway i have Jolla phone now, and love it  except its headphone output quality, witch sucks. yes it was on the product page, thanks for the answers, seems like rooting is pretty much...
BTW the Sony product page states "   Battery life up to 32 hours when playing MP3 128kbps; may vary by sound settings" Whats the current android version on this? and can it be rooted?
 How does the se535 sound straight out of the zx1 ?
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