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My Frequency Response graph has finally come in!         Don't really know how to read these. However, I don't seem to have that 6k peak from what others have said in the thread.   Anyone care to comment on it?
It's hard to believe that I actually went through all 410 pages of this thread. Have gained a lot of insight about the changing trends in regards to how the HD800 has been perceived here in Head-Fi.   Have my own impressions which I would like to share, but want to listen some more before putting it down.  
I am guessing almost everyone should be able to bring their own desk and power bar. This will be my first meet so will need to be guided.    Looking forward to it!
You won't be disappointed with the HE-500. They're fantastic and very fun headphones. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2
I would be so disheartened to see that a highly anticipated package arrived damaged.  Must have been really crappy for you to see that.   About Headfoneshop picking up Audeze, I agree that being able to speak to someone face to face is a lot better than going through e-mails or even on the phone.
What was wrong with your purchase?I had a really good experience with HeadphoneBar.Travis was quite helpful with a lot of little things that went wrong with his dealer when i bought the HE-500s.On a good note though, my HD 800 came in a lot earlier than January. Charles gave me a call on the 18th saying that Sennheiser Canada got one in just before their holidays.Been using it sparingly since I've been busy with work but I'll be spending most of tomorrow listening.Early...
I had a question for you since you're really informed about the Astro Mixamp.   If I had a DAC which was capable of 24/192 RCA Output, would I be able to use the RCA Input of the Mixamp for 24/192?   Thanks!
I would sooo love to go as this would be my first Head-Fi meet / event ever!   Please keep us updated!
Weird, I have the latest version of Winamp and I have no problems with crashing. The developer of Maiko has said on Winamp forums to not use any other Output / Input plugin than the default ones that come with it.   A fresh reinstall should fix it up.
I called BBR this morning and they said that they're all out of stock and couldn't demo one until January 14th.  Called around to every single store that was listed here and they were all sold out on Sennheiser HD 800s.     Great luck for me though, I drove down to HEADFONEshop and Charles gave me an amazing deal on Sennheiser HD 800, which I just could not pass on. Put a down payment for the headphones and come January, I will be a proud owner of a new...
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