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As someone once said..... "You don't know what your missing, until you've heard it".   So true....         .....Then again someone else said..... "Ignorance is bliss"     Also very true....               -
 Most people feel a good 6-7 days will do it. However my personal experience was that my Yggdrasil didn't fully come into its own until roughly 300 hours in (11-12 days). It's a lengthy journey, but one well worth taking IMO!
I recently switched to a SPL Volume 2 (Analog and fully balanced - XLR In/Out).   The Volume 2 replaces two passive attenuators (TC Electronic + Emotiva) that while good for their respective prices, were: (a) not quite as transparent to my ears as I would have liked, (b) both suffered from L/R channel imbalance at lower volume levels (C) both use pretty cheap volume pots that tend to crackle and make a static type sound when adjusting the volume after a couple of months...
Okay.... So some people seem to think the glitch is what gives Yggy it's magic. ....Well in that case, I'll gladly take some more glitching!   
This is true, but I would word it a little differently... All power cords are limited by the current coming from the wall, so it's probably better to say that: "a quality power cord is likely less current limiting than a stock (in-the-box) cable".
 The reason quality power cords have an audible effect on the gear they are plugged into is because they tend to act as a noise filter of sorts. This is both from AC line noise and from external EMI/RFI producing sources - Wall socket to audio equipment - (which is pretty much all around us to some extent). Most people don't realize that even the most expensive audio equipment pollutes the power grid - - So in actuality you are not only fighting noisy in-coming power,  but...
Yeah, the pre-amp side does have its benefits... to get around that with my monitors, I used a passive volume attenuator.  Works well enough and gives me volume control right at my fingertips. Anyway, you'll have to post some photo's here when you get your new toy's set-up   
The LS50's are generally considered by many (even KEF themselves) to be a passive studio monitor. They are a very resolving "clear" sounding speaker - which is why people tend to either love or loath them...   I'm curious as to why you'd anti up for the ROK and another pair of quasi-studio monitors -- when you could just move up the speaker line by replacing your AX5's with a stronger pair of powered monitors?  (Take the money you'll be spending on the ROK and put it...
  Value For Money     :)
I have owned (still do) the U10, U12, and MX-U8.   They all have good VFM, but sonically I still prefer the older Stello U3. For whatever reason the U3 just sounds more melodic, with a noticeably bigger (read: deeper & wider) sound stage presentation.   I have added internal EMI damping and upgraded fuses to each of the U10,12, & MX-U8, - which has helped somewhat...  But they all still fall a little flat sounding compared to the U3.
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