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Mike, Thank you for the update and your honesty.   I work in the smart card industry and know all to well the delays that can occur in securing timely shipments of chip modules from the FAB's. (Sometimes it's like playing air-traffic controller!)   Either way, I'm very much looking forward to the Yggdrasil once it does arrive
Another delay for the Yggy   Email from Schiit: "Unfortunately we are still experiencing part delays.  The most recent estimate for parts that we received today places the Yggdrasil as not resuming shipping until the end of the third week of August.  Not all backorders will be available at once. Due to the complexity of the Yggdrasil it will be available in batches which we will be shipping out as often as possible.  Please note, all timeframes offered are only an...
This is an old thread, but I thought it might be helpful to someone that opening the Level Pilot and using a bit of contact cleaner (I used DeoxIT  Gold) on the pot works!   Good as new - no more static noise when adjusting the volume   The problem is that the volume pot isn't fully sealed.   There's a tiny slot where you can add the cleaner / oil.  Might have to repeat once every year or so.   To access the volume pot, just carefully remove the rubber base of the...
 Haven't heard anything yet.   Placed my order back in late May.
Nope.  That would make it a Liquid Gold Yggy  (aka. LAuYggy)So smooth it "Melts in your ears".....  Lol. 
Not quite the case for us Canadians....   Since placing my Yggy order back in May, the Canadain dollar has slid some 8 cents against the US greenback (was .85 --> now .77), and is threatening to drop even lower over the coming weeks. So the Yggdrasil which was already costing a pretty penny, is now going to cost me even more. $2,299 US = $2,982 CAD (and that doesn't include shipping + cross border duty fees + any difference in the credit card bank rate charge)....  So I'm...
Yup a number of factors come in to play regarding perceived volume.   1. DAC / Pre-amp output voltage. 2. Hookup Cable capacitance (interconnect, digital, and definitely power). 3. The music (compressed, not compressed, recording levels used, etc...). 4. The listening environment. 5. Your ears (fresh and clean, or full of wax....ewwww).
I think you'll have to contact Schiit directly about procuring a black Yggy. Some say it was a selectable option on Schiit's website during the early ordering days, and others have said they were contacted directly by Schiit as an offered option instead of waiting for the bare metal cases to become available. Personally I've never seen the black option available on the Yggdrasil order page, nor have I been contacted by Schiit via email for said option. You know, it just...
For current orders it's looking like late July / Early August time frame.   Schiit's website states the following: "Status: Backorders will be begin shipping in late July.  Orders placed today will ship in August."
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