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 Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that!  Neither of my last two DAC's (Yggy being the latest & current) came with a remote.   I sit 3.5 - 4ft away, so one isn't really needed. ... Which reminds me...  If you need a built in pre-amp, yeah yggy ain't got one.   I added an SPL Volume 2 for pre-amp duties which has worked out pretty darn well.
Oh you know... DSD and whatever new fangled technology comes along next week. Yggy is a PCM DAC through and through, and a very competent one at that!
 I'm Canadian as well and purchased my Yggy back when the dollar was a touch stronger....  Landed I payed a little over $3200 CAD.- To be honest.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  If you can stomach the fact that Yggdrasil doesn't have the latest bells-and-whistles...  well, it's an easy decision IMO.
First of all, I'm a very honest person. Second, the Yggdrasil handles PCM just fine. Transcoding DSD to PCM is no big deal with the right software. Once converted to PCM Yggy shouldn't have any problems dealing with the stream. Seriously.... if configured properly, it will work.
 Correct, Yggdrasil does not support DSD natively, however if you convert it to PCM on the fly using something like DOP, then it'll work just fine.FLAC is not a problem and will play fine as mentioned above :)
My first Yggdrasil (which eventually needed to be RMA'd) got stuck once. An initial two attempts at short power-downs (a few minutes each) were unsuccessful at resolving the problem. I had read about someone else having a similar problem and that they left their unit powered off overnight and that seemed to fix it. So I tried the same and it worked! That's why I say try powering down for a couple of hours or more. The poster mentioned that he moved his Yggdrisil to...
First:  Confirm that other inputs on the Yggy are working (is the front panel lighting up correctly?).   Second: Verify that there's no dirt, dust, or anything else causing a bad connection inside the USB port of the Yggdrasil.   Third: Power down the Yggdrasil and unplug from power for a few hours (up to 24) and see if that fixes the problem.   Fourth: If problem persists - Contact Schiit.     .... Hope all goes well  
My F-1 came in today.   So far I'm really liking it! (yes, even fresh out of the ESD bag). What I like about it is that (currently) it sounds very similar to the Stello U3, but a refreshed version in every respect.   I'm Curious to hear what the F-1 will bring to the table in 100hrs or so.  Guess I'll need to make a little case for it as well.      
I have had varying degrees of success using multiple re-clockers in-line.   In some cases the net result is very good, in others - Not so much.... (lack of dynamics etc...)     My current path is:  PC  >  JCAT USB Card (5v dissabled) >  Curious USB Cable  >  iFi Purifier v1  >  USB Regen ( UPS = DC-30W)  >  Curious Regen Link  >  Stello U3  > MIT Magnum Digital COAX  >  Yggdrasil.     If I so much as place an Audioquest Jitterbug (or seemingly any galvanic...
As someone once said..... "You don't know what your missing, until you've heard it".   So true....         .....Then again someone else said..... "Ignorance is bliss"     Also very true....               -
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