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I have used them as portable headphones for years but now I have started running and I will like them to be a little more thightly fitted.   Any of you made any nice trick you want to share ?
Thanks for the info :)
My google-fu is failing me, guys. What is the output power on 300 and 600 ohm loads?
I love 600 ohms beyers, but they are hard to drive, if you are not willing to put some extra money on amplification, you will be better with the AKG's.
Yeah, they are my prefered option , but if they are omni mics and they will register the other speaker as much as our current mics, I will just pass. 
BoomPro vs Custom Headset Gear vs Modmic , which one will be better at recording only your voice? I'm always looking for ways on improving that because me and my wife have our gaming PCs in the same room.
I don't wanna buy it from out EU because warranty  -PS: sleepy, dunno if that was properly wrote-.
I was considering to buy it in the next months, but price in Europe seems to rise from $1200 to €1500. That is a whopping $2000 , or a 66% price increase, so I will be interested in your opinion if it is still worthy or I will be better with other options.
Are you using the HD800 single-ended or balanced?
Thanks for the idea but the idea of a DIY kit is having some fun with something not too expensive. I don't have the guts to buy a $1200 kit.
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