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Are you using the HD800 single-ended or balanced?
Thanks for the idea but the idea of a DIY kit is having some fun with something not too expensive. I don't have the guts to buy a $1200 kit.
Thanks again for the quick reply. I will consider the Torpedo seriously then.
Thanks for your offer. I was looking for a kit becuase of easyness -I'm not really experienced with electronics-. If that schematics are not too hard, I can take a look, but if they start to be "serious bussiness", I will not make you lose your time :)
Thanks everyone for your comments. I happen to have some 6N1P tubes and they are dirty as hell to get, so I'm probably trying that one.   Anyway, I will like to see nikongod's recomendation on parafeed or pushpull DIY kits.
I have some 600 ohmsd headphones -and plan on adquiring more- , that is why I think OTL can be the best option, but will look at that link, thanks for your quick reply.
Well, as title says, I want to know if there any other complete kits selling other than Bottlehead Crack. I can also go with no complete kits as far as it include PCB -if necessary- and the hardest parts to find.   Thanks for reading.
Haven't had much time to test them, but I'm not catching any differences to be honest.
Dear sirs, I'm an idiot. Bass is perfectly OK. I was using the Pre Out of my Home Cinema to test it and I totally forgot to tell the receiver that it had no subwoofer connected, so all the deep bass was going to an unplugged subwoofer instead of the headphone amp.
Got a new power supply locally. Bass is still missing some strength.
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