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Anyway, if someone have experience using Atwood's 1/16" for sleeving, I will really appreciate some feedback.
I have no problem buying to US ellers, but Amazon won't send much of those products. But Paracord Galaxy and a lot of others does, so for me it is more about finding the appropiate product than were to buy it.
I'm afraid that selection gets quite less incredible in Amazon Spain :(
Thanks @Paladin79  and  @PinkyPowers.   Unfortunately, the colors I want -maroon and hunter green from Atwood Rope- aren't available in Type 1, so my options are to look for similar colors on Type 1 producers -hard because photos of the same color vary wildly among different stores- or see if the Atwood 1/16" cord is good for sleeving. Any help with any of those options will be really appreciated.
Bought some microcord -smaller version of paracord- to sleeve some 22awg wires, just to discover this cord structure is different to paracord and doesn't fit for sleeving.   Any sugestions on what to use to sleeve cables of this diameter?
I have used them as portable headphones for years but now I have started running and I will like them to be a little more thightly fitted.   Any of you made any nice trick you want to share ?
Thanks for the info :)
My google-fu is failing me, guys. What is the output power on 300 and 600 ohm loads?
I love 600 ohms beyers, but they are hard to drive, if you are not willing to put some extra money on amplification, you will be better with the AKG's.
Yeah, they are my prefered option , but if they are omni mics and they will register the other speaker as much as our current mics, I will just pass. 
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