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Even tho it isn't the size of the Momentum, I think you should take a look at the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. 
I own them both, and in my opinion they are pretty much on the same level. Like Billybob_jcv said, you might have some issues with the memory wire. But soundwise I find them quite similar. Bass-orientated with somewhat recessed mids.   Personally I prefer the COP for portable usage, but I do enjoy the SE215 a lot. Note that I'm using them both with a Fiio E07K.
Nice review.   Been using my HFI-580 for a while now. Recently got the Shure 940 Valour pads, they fit as well. Just a tiny bit loose, but it isn't really a problem when using it. It's much more comfy though :)
Hello all,     I've been the owner of a FiiO E6 since early April, which I bought via Ebay from the official reseller in the United Kingdom; EA Audio. Now, I've been using it daily since then, and I really liked (still do) it. I'm using it in combination with an Ultrasone HFI-580 and a Galaxy Note II   But a few days ago, when I wanted to use the E6 with said headphone and smartphone, I had a problem: there was no sound coming from the left side of my...
Hello   My ViSang R03 have broken down, unfortunately. So I'm looking for replacements, around the same price as the ViSangs. Which would be aprox. €50 or $65.   Sofar the Vsonic GR06 have caught my attention, but also the cheaper GR02 Bass edition. The last one isn't included in the reviews yet, so I'm wondering if anyone can help me out here. I really want the best for my money,   I will use them on a iPod classic 120gb, although I'm considering getting a...
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