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Do these look like the real deal? The price seems too good to be true compared to all other sellers.
How much do the BossHiFi B8 leak sound?
Can anyone comment on how much the 950s leak sound? I've read reviews on Amazon, and I've seen totally opposite views. Some say it's minimal except for very very loud volumes, and others say they leak tons of sound. So who's correct? Thanks in advance.
To those with the CX8, do they leak sound much?
And where are the $60 xb90's exactly?
The Sony XB90EX are pretty wonderful for sub-bass while having excellent mids and a bit rolled off highs. Some say they have the most sub-bass quantity of any IEM. And I'm not just suggesting them because I have a pair up for sale in the Classifieds forum . 
Up for sale is a barely used pair of Sony XB90EX headphones. They are in perfect condition, and I'm selling because the sound just isn't for me. They come with all original packaging and accessories. The price is $80. Shipping is free. I prefer PayPal payment only. Let me know if you have any questions :)
I recently got the xb90's, and, while they are very nice, I am preferring the crunch of distorted guitars more on my MH1C. Am I high or was this to be expected?
How does the bass of the carbo basso compare to the mh1c bass?
So for a while now I've had my heart set on the Sony XB90EX as an upgrade to the MH1C. I'm a big fan of the MH1C's sound signature. Now that I'm about ready to buy though I see a few other options out there, namely the CKS99, VSD1, and the Carbo Basso DX210. So which of the four is the best upgrade over the MH1C (assuming they are all actually upgrades in the first place)?
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