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On sale again. 
If you're reading this ad, you already know about these headphones. I bought them in like-new condition and used them for less than 5 hours. Couldn't really get myself to love the sound signature - but for bass lovers, these would be blissful.    They are in box with all papers and are in mint condition with two exceptions :   - the box has some some liquid spill on it  - there are two tiny dents on one of the earcups. These seem to be natural flaws in the wood rather...
For sale is an LCD -2 Ver 2 Rosewood (latest version) used for less than 20 hours and in perfect condition. They have the brown LCD-3 pads which enhances the sound even more in my opinion. There's no mark or blemish on these headphones at all.    Included are :    LCD 2 Rosewood with LCD 3 Pads Headphone Cable Warranty Card Frequency Chart Original Invoice Black Travel case   The purchase date is Nov 2012 - so they are covered under the warranty till Nov...
As far as I know, they fit only the Denons. But I can be wrong. 
Used less than 5 hours - in perfect condition - comes in the original pouch. Real lambskin leather - fits Denon d2000 / 5000 / 7000.    You know the rest.   Shipped in continental US - $80
I'm putting my JVC DX 1000 up for sale.   Functionally perfect with a few minor cosmetic issues. The wood cups are in pretty good shape except for one tiny nick on one side.  The outer lining of the cord has some fraying in one spot. There is also a small nick in the wood of the hp plug.    Finally, on the inside of the headband on one side and on the outside of another side, you can see the typical DX1000 crack. I've taken a close-up picture of it, to the best of my...
Still available.
I'm afraid yes. If you have an offer, please send it through PM and I'll think about it. 
For sale is a flawless Audeze LCD2 Rev 2. Purchased towards end of 2011 - so it has warranty left till Dec 2014. Original invoice from Headroom will be included for warranty.    These headphones are absolutely mint and have been used for less than 50 hours. Always stored in the box. No physical flaws. Comes with Large Wooden black box, wood care kit, frequency chart, headphone cables and warranty papers.    Price is 825 - includes paypal fees and shipping within...
New Posts  All Forums: