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Hey joker! Do you consider that the Brainwavz M1 are the best IEM I can found under 30$ for indie rock/jazz ? 
Love this one ! :) 
The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist 
Hey guys!    So like I said, I went to a music store and listened to some 100$+ headphones (ATH M50, SRH 840, Grado SR80, AKG K271 Mk ii, HD 25-1 II, Pionner HDJ 1000, Focal Spirit One, ...)   About the AKG K271, although they're light and sound great, they have neutral and flat sound (the best for studio/pro)  Pionner HDJ 1000 and Spirit One was really bassy. Altough I prefered much more the Focal, they were made for DJs and not for Rock music.    Audio...
Sennheiser PC 350 would be a great choice (140$ on Amazon) 3.5 mm Jack cable. 
Hey KG Jag!    I took note of this. :)  Tomorrow, hope to find these to local music store and give you feedbacks. 
Hey Laser ! big thanks for your helpful answer    My choice's going gradually to the M50.  But now  the only thing why I'm still thinking about the WS55 is, like you said, more portable.  Do you think they both  have a good sound quality for indie rock ?    I'll go tomorrow try the ATH-M50 and SRH 840, and perhaps WS55.    PS: M50s. s for straight cable? 
Hmm... Alternative and mostly indie rock (Arcade Fire, The Shins, Animal Collective, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay ..)    ---   @KG Jag   Do you recommand me a SRH 840 or M50 for sound quality? 
Thanks for your help Laservampire    So if the Audio Tech. M50 can fold up, that's a plus to be portable... no ?  Well, if they're not too heavy, it's ok for me.    I was surprised how ATH M50 is popular here !  I think I would go with M50 instead of WS55. I love bass, but not too much for the kind of music I listen to (mostly rock). However, I prefer the design of WS55.    Oh yeah,  one more question. When you listen your music with ATH M50, do you hear...
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