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Costco cable will work just fine. If you can afford RadioShack, even better. I'm surprise Woo recommended cable that cost more than some of their amp. I'm pretty sure they aren't using any $1000 per meter cable inside the amp.
I have Gungnir and using SE going to the WA5 have noticeably higher noise level than using the XLR -> RCA cable going to the WA5.   Glad to know that SE is better on Yggy than Gungnir.  Anyone else using SE? How has it been for you?
Selling a pair of Tungsol black glass round plate 6SN7 tubes.  Tested on my calibrated TV-7 BU at 84/90 for one tube and 90/100 for the other.  Min is 50. Both bases are tight and no rattles.  Please note that one tube base has small cracks and I repaired it (see next to last picture).    Paypal fee included, please add $6 for shipping to CONUS.
How's Yggy single ended output? Is it as bad as Gungnir? meaning higher noise floor.
Added test measurements
sucks... was gathering funds... oh well.
Yes, because 0.0001% heard the music, and 0% heard the tree falls.
One of my elrog that failed reported short on my tube tester! lucky my WA5 is fine.  The other measured below minimum.  All this in less than a month of ownership, really sucks.  I'm seriously thinking of just selling the Elrog and get Tak instead when I get the replacement in.
What a view! .. oh and WA234 looks nice too. Not good! I hope they fix the problem, I don't want to have these tubes failing on me after the 6month warranty.
Can you provide me some link to these tubes? any particular one stand out between the 3? 6sn7w, b65 and 5692.
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