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So they're shipping the Elrog 300b already? haven't receive any email saying that from  Looking forward to get mine.
I'll check and get back to you.
I have a NOS matched pair, Chatham labeled.
Selling my Zu Omen pair, latest revision:   Price includes PayPal fee, but not shipping.  I have the original shipping package. I'm the 2nd owner, the previous owner used this for 3 months, I added another 3 months of little usage, realized that I spent way more time on my headphones.  In great condition, sounded beautiful paring with my WA5, will post pictures soon.
Put in an order for a pair of Elrog.   Thanks guys, glad to hear Elrog is on par with/better than WE300b, I am itching to bite the bullet and buy a WE300b, but I think ordering the Elrog will satisfy this itch, for now *sign*. Thanks for the tip on Fririce003 post, I'll search for it.   I'm going to be pairing the Elrog with TS 6SN7 and 6F8G Round plate, and CV1863 Brimar (on the way from the UK). 
Thanks, sent them email.  Hopefully I made it in the next shipment. Anyone with WE300b (vintage or reissued) can chime in on how they sound compared to Elrog and SERP?
California, US
Where to buy these Elrog? how much?   Thanks.
I have a pair of 5998 purchased from, at the time they told me they're out of stock.  I can sell my pair if anyone interested, pm me.  It's hasn't been used at all, < 10 hours, sold my WA22 shortly after purchasing the pair.
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