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Not a question, but a plead.  Please please please do not use the chassis as shown at the show for the Liquid Tungsten, it's ugly and potentially noisy with active cooling causing noise and interference, that's a number one no no in high end audio.
some photos please
Try with the movie Passenger, during the red dwarf star crossing scene. Maybe with some bass boost.  If you have Pro iCan, use the hardware bass boost on the 2nd setting.
At first I thought the distortion is caused by the Pro iCan too, but when used with HEK v2 or HD6XX I couldn't hear the distortion, at similar volume level.  Thinking of contacting Focal and possibly get a replacement.
I heard distortion when using Pro iCan with +bass boost while listening to deep rumble tracks, such as the stars crossing during the "Passengers" movie.  OK w/o the +boost.
@grizzlybeast signature:   TOTL CLOSED HEADPHONE SHOOT OUT
ZMF ATTICUS ZMF EIKON MODIFIED BEYER T5P  SONY MDR-Z1R FOSTEX TH900 AUDEZE LCD-XC MR. SPEAKERS ETHER FLOW Guess I got it partially right.  Surprise winner is modified Beyer T5P...
Finally did it!    A clean cut of the PY500A tube to be use for HEXFRED base... Glenn I'm sending these out to you tomorrow. First time tried to remove the cap, not very nice, so tried again, a bit nicer.  No big deal since one set can go to @musicman59    
 Very nice, looking forward to comparisons My prediction:1: Atticus2<>3: Eikon/MDR-Z1R4<>5: Ether Flow C/ Beyer6<>7: LCD-XC / Fostex Let wait and see :)
unlikely, but it'll be good at that price to include a set of quality tubes.  Seems 2A3 tubes are on the rise.. Eddie Current is building a 2A3 amp too, the Studio Jr., at much better price though, I think they are targeting $3k.
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