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Sold my Rag in favor of audio-gd master 11 built-in amp. The rag sounds too muddy and one dimensional to me, bad attempt of mimicking tube using solid state. Never heard v281.
You can measure it to be sure, the measurements are listed couple pages ago.
I guess mine is off, I'm reading off of the meter reported by the UPS, the M11 is the only device connected to it.  64W doesn't matter if music is playing or not.
I just traveled for the first time with the MAM and find the isolation pretty decent, once I turned on the music, I can't hardly hear the cabin noise.  MAM at fully closed position works better, but I find even at middle position it work well. ymmv.  I have the U12, so A series will be better.
That's interesting you say that.. I tried Ether C with Audio-gd Master 11, with 1 ohm output impedance and 16W max power, still I don't get any bass at all.  It can't be the amp, but I guess since so many seem to like it, make me think it's maybe... too bad I sold it, so will never find out, will probably wait for the 2nd gen of the Ether C before trying again.
Great deal, too bad 230v.
What's the track? or I guess just looking at gear and the view is enough satisfaction ;)
After so many photos, I don't think there's any more excuse for another just good enough one.. time to bring out that DSLR :).   How do you like Ether C with Glenn 300B?  I tried Ether C for about a month and just couldn't learn to like it, sounds too thin for me.  HD800S is so much better.   I'm inching closer to getting my own Glenn 300B...those naked C3g do look good, guess I'll try to remove the cover from a pair tomorrow.
Well obviously not :) apologies.  Tried it, worked.  Thanks.  Geez this isn't ideal, good GUI design would of give user feedback on important functions, like power on.
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