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Same question here.. Anyone experienced both care to comment?
What would you say the sound signature to be? how does it compare to the Peachtree sound quality wise? Thanks.
Don't forget to let us know how it work as a speaker amp too.. I'm interested in buying the Rag for both uses.  Thanks.
WTB: Musical Paradise MP-301 MK3
WTB: Woo Audio WA5
Can anyone confirm for me there will be a Woo WA5 at the meet? I contacted Woo and they mentioned they didn't send one out, and it's too late to send one now.   I like to take a listen with some of the 6SN7 and 6F8g tubes that I got.   Thanks.
Getting ready to put in an order for my WA5.. any advice on if the upgraded part is worth the money? I'm thinking of not spending 1/3 the total amp cost for upgrade and put that money into tubes instead.
I too couldn't get my order in.. Looking at their inventory all of the most desirable headphones are conveniently "out of stock". Seems like marketing ploy to me.
Price adjusted.
Price lowered!   Selling my WA22.  3 years old, I'm the 2nd owner.  Working wonderfully.  Selling with the following upgraded tubes:   - Rectifier:   Mullard GZ32/CV593 - Power:      Sylvania 7236 - Driver:       Shuguang Treasure CV181   I have the stock sylvania (clear glass) drivers if you want for $100 less, but I highly recommending staying with the CV181 driver.   Price is $1150+ shipping.  Paypal fee is on me.   The amp is modified by Woo to have 2x...
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