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Why is the 300B infamous?   Here's mine.  
 Ouch... I bit the bullet too, 2 weeks ago. Is this what you look like now?
I think HE1000 v1 has advantage over Utopia is the bass quantity (Utopia got tighter bass, HEK got more), and  sound stage. I found Utopia midrange to be really sweet and treble to be smooth, HEK midrange sounded dry in comparison.  I found the HEK treble to be harsh at times, that's why I got Draug cable in hope of taming that a bit, but ended up still not getting used to it enough to keep it.  I haven't got a chance to try HEK v2, maybe Hifiman address the midrange and...
Getting my LCD-3F 2016 coming soon, it's been 3 years away from Audeze house sound since I last sold my pre-fazor LCD2.  Since then I went to HD800, then HD800S, then HE1000, now owning Utopia and Elear.  Wonder where LCD-3F 2016 fit between Utopia and Elear.   From just a quick read look like 2016 version has slight elevated treble, so would Norne Draug v2 cable be fitting for them?  I have a set of Norne cable terminated for HE1000 and wonder if I should reterminate it...
I vote the the upper one, never a fan of top down text.   Also the silhouette looks like 1/2 of a WA5 with Elrog tubes, I would redo it to reflect the Glenn 300B with Tak or WE300B :)
Trevor, did you receive my emails regarding re-terminating my Draug 2 cable for Utopia? Sent them about a week ago. Thanks
sale pending
You guys should contact local TV station and ask them to do some sort of investigative reporting.
Selling great condition Norne Draug v2 cable, 10 feet long, all black, very nice, stealthy. Sold my HD800, no longer need this cable.   Price includes shipping and PayPal fee, -3% if paying with gift.   Will add photo soon.   Thanks
Selling my set of very well tested EML 300B Mesh.  Just tested an hour ago, both measured way above minimum of 58 on my calibrated TV-7.  One measured 92/58, and the other 93/58.  See first two photos.   I am the second owner, first owner has about 300 hours in a low output tube DAC.  I added another 50 hours.  Upon inspections I noticed minor marks on the glass, see photos, not noticeable unless searching for them, which I did for this ad.   Tubes are in great...
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