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No reason to kick yourself.. :) things work out very well I would say.   Which one did you have Glenn? reissue or vintage?   Here's what they used to look like on WA5, as you can see much less blue glow:  
Yeah, WE300B reissue.     Never seen them glow so beautifully before, on the WA5 it was there but minimal.  I searched the net and saw many photos of similar glow so I assumed it's OK.
Popped in my pride and joy to get ready for a musical weekend.  
Ahh.. that helped alot, thanks.  So the caps are under the TCXO clock.  Anyone know which one Kingwa shipped with the NOS11 DIY kit?  is there a better one?  not to going into hype, but would one of the femto clock help?   *Edit* Also, what are your thoughts on the NOS11 sound?
Hi Fiio,   Any update on when new firmware is coming out?  I'm looking forward to get the audio/video sync problem fixed.   Thanks.
Got response from Kingwa, I have some question regarding the upgrade, but so far looks pretty straight forward.  The only item I'm a bit confused on are those green line drawing that he's referring to in his instructions, is that an FYI only? for us to know that there are parallel caps on the other side?   I assume in a series of photos, only these 2 apply since they are named M7M11, the rest are for other AGD products.    
Balanced 2.5mm for 64 Audio IEMs.  I have U12.   Also adapter to go from 2.5mm balanced to 4-pin XLR.
Email sent.  Thanks for the headsup
I'm looking toward for this mod, I heard it's fairly cheap as well, like $150 or $200.
Didn't know about that, do you mind pointing me to the test. It'll be an interesting read.
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