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+1... if there's no membrane, then it's would simply a vent port, not sure what's so "next level" that is.  And what's the pedigree of the research? since ADEL has 20 years doing this? 64 Audio, 2 months? :) Considering that the G1 was recently introduced, and really the B1 modules too, how quickly this partnership felt apart.  I actually was looking toward the bubble tech, hope this is still in the plan.
Hmm..this apex tech seems to be just a mesh screen and a vent port, instead of a membrane in ADEL. Vitally's video didn't go into how it work to reduce pneumatic pressure. In ADEL, isn't it's the membrane movement that absorbs the pressure? Venting would relief the pressure too, but I don't imagine by much. Look like the partnership went south, unfortunate.
Relays are good for sensitive IEMs since the operating range is most likely going to be down low.  The only problem I see with the relay volume is that it's hard to change one step at a time, remote control doesn't help either since it's simply move the volume knob too much.  You have to turn the knob by hand very little at a time.  Typically this isn't a problem, but with IEM sometime one press of the remote control button rotation is too much and you just need to...
I have the relay unit and did not hear any clicks or pops during usage, there are clicks during volume transition, but perfectly silence other wise.
Not sure if I like that style of marking (on the knob) better than craving out the text on the front panel.
What is the plan to send out these larger ear pads to those of us that submitted our names to Meze some time ago?
Still there, I love my Glenn 300B... but 90% of 300B sound for 25% of the price, I'll get one for the office :)300B still got more potential since more modern tubes are available for tube rolling
$900 is significant, go for it Glenn . If the one tube amp still sounds like 300B, you got a hit there, best bang for the bucks ever.
Purchased it under the Adorama sale 2 weeks ago, planning to return to them, but thought I offer to sell to the community first. Nothing is wrong with the headphones, just that I am too sensitive to its' elevated treble.   $2100 net to me, buyer pays actual shipping and 3% paypal fee (or gift) and 50% of the insurance cost (0.5% of insured amount), I'll cover the other 50%.   Thanks.
Nope, not that I know of. But there's evidence of the opposite, ADEL tech helps hearing recovery. The technology makes sense to me.
New Posts  All Forums: