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Any update on the larger pads for those of us that sent in our info? The current pads are not working for me , not selling to wait for larger pads, but it's been a long time ... please update
HD800S is imho leagues ahead of Elear.  I heard it when it first came out and it got no treble at all, my first second impression was, whoa, where's my treble!  Wait until the hype die down, my prediction is as more people bought Elear they will find that it's no good.     Tyll made me doubt myself with his overwhelming like for Elear, so I'll try to listen to it again.  However, I don't recommend buying Elear blind.
Which is better? Ether or Ether C? More impressions of Ether C vs. HD800S please. I'm thinking of getting a pair as complement to the HD800S for late night listening.
Have you heard Ether C Flow?  That sounded very promising, looking forward to hearing both Flows, although I likely get C instead of open, I need a good close can for late night music/movie/gaming.
HD800S still sounds pretty good to me! on or off the wof.
If Ether C Flow have more bass than HD800S I'm in for one, the Ether C classic was basically bassless for me, although I do like it smooth treble.  What's the upcoming S. CA event I can listen to these I wonder.
http://www.ubergizmo.com/2016/08/japan-audiophiles-personal-utility-poles/?utm_source=mainrss   So which one of us will do this first? get our own utility pole install so we can feed our Glenn amps ultra pure power :)
I think this is a good idea, but those who purchased within a month or two of the announcement should be guarantee an upgrade.
Err.. can we get audio/video sync issue while playing on the X7 before releasing X7ii
I'm selling my V281 relay one if anyone is interested.
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