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Selling my less than one month old Sony MDR Z1R. Includes box and all original accessories, see photos.   Price includes shipping within CONUS.  Gift or add 3% PayPal fee.   Thanks
I got confused as well when reading that two different amps were used. Also claimed of no detectable diff between them. Not defending Utopia, since I could careless what other people opinion is now having owning and enjoying my Utopia daily, but I agreed, lazy review.
I'm not so sure about that, I hope once burned in, I don't have to worry about "warming up" my headphones before listening.. seems a bit silly.
 Looking forward to that comparison.  Glad the Eikon got better, wonder if there is any burn in done already before shipment. Also, photos please :)
Yup, all looks good.  Although I preferred varnish cherry and lacquer padauk.  Varnish padauk too red for my taste.
Is the shading consistent with the photos? lacquered finish will be lighter in color compared to varnish?  Can we request lacquered to be in the same darker shade as varnish?
I decided to stick to normal (mu-metal) instead of amorphous core for my Glenn 300B because of this statement:   "the brush strokes are broader with the mu-metal core transformers and they convey more “body”, whereas the amorphous core transformers offer finer brush strokes, which results in hearing more of the details while listening to the whole."   Link here.   I figured there's a reason I'm going with tube for the "body" of the music and I don't want to have an...
You guys are tempting me, no way any amo is better than the almighty Glenn 300B with WE300B or Tak300B!!!
Is the warranty transferable for zmf headphones?
@PoochZag, how you say Eikon compared to Z1R?  which one does female vocal better? which has wider sound stage?   Thanks
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