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Thanks for the support, avitron142 p.s. dint notice alien is already out of production, quite a shame for this fine design 
Almost new Shozy Alien Rarely been used selling due to recent purchase  ​Including original package price includes shipping and Paypal fee Please feel free to contact me if there is any question 
can you share your thought on the cable change? cause i am interested in changing my hd800 cable i well i am looking into copper cable and wanna see what impact/changes it reflects onto the hd800 p.s. serious gear u are using, hd800 for portable use??
thats something really special thz for the info
hybrid with adjustable bass?
it just so happen i have a pair of heir audio 4a, and its a great sounding earphone i am sure the bundle has a very attractive price p.s. i am still working on a good match in terms of setting fiio x3 + shozy dx-m1 is my current set up, and i am still exploring my choices.  
i am very glad to hear this but 2014 will be the year of dap battle which means lots of good product coming  i am waiting for a replacement to my current x3 something which will match the pro330v2
what player do you have in mind?
wow~~~ they look amazing thanks for sharing your thought with us
A while ago, I was walking around a computer shopping mall meaninglessy, just a day of window shopping to kill time. Then I went pass an audio store, and I thought it doesn’t hurt to demo a few amp, DAP and earphone. But It was definitely a wrong move, because I was stunned when trying this px-m1, mainly due to its shape, size and the choice of either low or high gain, then when I checked the price, I immediately draw out my wallet and pay up immediately, and no question...
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