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Depends...What's the price?Jim
Cheers...I hope you enjoy whatever you get!!!Jim
Well Said...
Were you able to listen to them?I too am interested. I have always been a Sony Fanboy so...They might make it into my collection one day.Thanks, Jim
If this is directed towards me...I will simply say that the Etys are accurate and true to what was produced by the sound engineers.No more, No less.Jim
Well, I hope they are real!!! Cheers, Jim
If you close your eyes and just listen, how do they sound? If you like/enjoy them... Then do just that. Enjoy them! Jim
I would have you look at the Fostex T50RP... Truly a great budget headphone. Jim
I think (my opinion) that you would be better served with a less expensive IEM. Then you could study further this vast wealth of information before spending big bucks. Just my opinion, Jim
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