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come on, a mobile headphone should work everywhere. Especially at that price point. In my opinion the momentum line up is not exactly an audiophile kind of headphone.
thanks for the useful summary, Soundofmusic
Maybe this has to do with the relative small driver of the pm-3. All the other planars have big drivers compared to dynamics.
I had the same issues with the bose qc20 NC in-ears. Maybe a general problem with the current NC technology.
Sennheiser HD800:   Height (inner): ~82mm Width: (inner): ~62mm Depth (~22mm-32mm)   Just for a fun comparison. Pretty huge. Note that there is even more space beneath the earpads. My ears aren't touching anything inside.
did you send them in for service because of the BT issues or for something different?
damn that abyss sure looks like an instrument of torture :D
Do the oppos stay cool on the ears?
kinda disappoiting to read all the problems with the BT connection.   I mean it's not like it is their first BT headphone ever...
Thanks for your impressions.  What do you think about the noise canceling?
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