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I had the 20i a while untill i lost it. I could wear them for hours without discomfort. After losing them I went for the qc25 because the battery pack of the qc20i was annoying. I couldn't stand the qc25. Its NC induced serious nausea. So I returned them. Besides the obvious background noise of the qc20 it really was struggling with quick pressure changes when commuting by train. E. g. Closing doors or incoming trains triggered a fluttering of the NC which also was a...
doesn't look good for the funding :(
ha, I'm being unreasonable and backed the kannon and the ossic. Hope the kannon makes it to the target. I think the main problem is the price. It is more expensive than the ossic. For the average consumer I guess it's too much.   Also I'm hoping for some more impressions, here :)
I'm kinda torn between the kannon and the ossic x. I know those are really two different headphones. But I only have money for one pledge.
Probably a mic for the anc
hm, I'm kinda undecided if I should back them. I wouldn't call me a basshead per se but I imagine the tactile feedback to be fun. Although there are early birds left $300 is a lot for a headphone I have never heard. So any thoughts on the comfort of the prototype? Because comfort for me is as important as sound.
+1 for europe tour. The oppos are so expensive in europe. Maybe a loaner tour could convince more people to pay the extra.
will the dac out be level fixed?
I haven't used my hp50 for a while (hot weather, holidays etc.)and was actually thinking of selling them. Just plugged them in and what can I say. I was pleasently surprised again by the great sound they produce. Everything seems well balanced and effortless. It's actually my only headphone I'm not using any kind of EQing.   Still hoping for a new NAD headphone with better ergonomics and same sound ;)
good work, I really like your GUI. Using it on a daily basis.
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