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thanks for weighing them. Pretty lightweight indeed!   What do you think about their sound in general? Have you ever heard the previous momentum?
How much do they actually weigh? Their is no info on the website.
 So is this also true for the wireless version with activated NC and run through BT? The frequency response stays basically the same?
I still wish and hope they improved the sound. I think the orginal momentum wasn't worth its UVP based on sound quality.
Really like this unique innovative concept. Hope it turns out as promised ;)
The weak point of the Q20 in terms of SQ is its treble. How is the treble of the Q25.
looks like bose did a good job improving the Q15.   I few weeks ago I bought their in-ear QC20 which is also nice. Still makes me wonder if I should go for the QC25 now 
hell, I thought the momentum on-ear was already way too bassy. And it wasn't advertised as being a bassy headphone.   Don't wanna imagine how bassy those are going to be :(
yes the sound quality is great. Other than that this IEM has way too many shortcomings for its price which were hardly mentioned. This review feels more like an advertisment. Welcome to head-fi...
recently got the QC20, the innerfidelity review is way more spot.   Of course, sound quality is not high-end. But it's a well balanced sound signature which feels a little veiled and loses some seperaration when the music is getting very complex.   Theri Noise canceling is impressive and filters out a lot of low freq noise and even voices sound more distant, but don't expect it to cancel out all noise below hearing threshold level. That's just not possible today.
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