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It's an easy to answer question. They became so expensive because enough people are willing to pay such insane prices. Speak with your wallet. Don't buy overpriced products and they will disapear.
I did also receive the survey being a backer on kickstarter.
yeah, and it looks like they are in time. No delays yet. 🙂
I'm quoting myself, because I did some more research.To me it looks like that there has to be some distortion in the song already and the 1000x somehow emphazise the distortion in wireless mode even more, which makes sublte distortion very obvious.Well that's my theory so far.
For me it is not volume dependent. Maybe it becomes more obvious with higher volume. I listen at medium volume most of the time, becaus of the great NC. In the song I mentioned it is very obvious. I'm not sure what the cause is. Maybe it is sony's weird build in DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) HX.
hi guys, as much as i like this headphone. in certain songs it produces obvious distortion in wireless mode. no aptx and no ldac. this is not the case with my other bt non aptx headphones. hear for yourself. boris blenn - jazzaloid, the synth pads right in the beginning. same wit the iphone of my gf which is supposed to have aac. in wired mode everything is fine.
I have both here.And probably I''m going to part with the P7. For my head and ears the sony is more comfortable. The P7 has a pretty tight clamp. Although its real leather pads feel better on the skin the pads aren't very cushioned.Sound signature wise the sony is more balanced, bass is not as overpowering and voices sound more realistic to me. Though it is lacking some treble sparkle.The P7 is technically better. Better resolution and more resolving than the sony. The...
yes I think it is rolled off, inoffensive. But even with a 5-band EQ it is easy to add some sparkle.
thanks for pointing out the quality mode setting. fixed my unstable connection with my non apt-x android phone. I should really read manuels next time.
so how are the pads holding up? Any signs of wear already? thanks for your long term experience.
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