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As big as these are they will probably bring audezes lackluster comfort to the in ear world.
Audeze should have also made an USB cypher cable.
while I agree with the statement, sadly it is a common practice these days. There are hardly any smartphones left with user replaceable batteries.   Smartphones you have to charge almost every day whereas a headphone may be charged once a week depending on how much you use it. So I think the batteries in headphones shouldn't die as fast. Still a questionable development.
  Those numbers are not that very useful. As far as I know it just describes the distortion at exactly 1khz disregarding all other frequencies.So graphs tell way more.
so any chance to measure the inner earpad diameter? Looks not that big in the video.
I'm sure they will also sound just like headphones. No driver will change that as long as the HRTF is not respected.   That video is just regular marketing talk.
as long as you are not using stax headphones it seems like a complete system. But the typical head-fier will insist on using a "better" amp and will likely hear huge benefits.
The question is how much of a differene bt 5.0 brings to audio quality. And your phone also needs to support the new standard.
so is there an improvement concerning the NC? Is there still this felt pressure when NC is activated. The NC of the QC25 made me sick after 10min or so  and I'm hoping that it may be not happening with the QC35.
I had the 20i a while untill i lost it. I could wear them for hours without discomfort. After losing them I went for the qc25 because the battery pack of the qc20i was annoying. I couldn't stand the qc25. Its NC induced serious nausea. So I returned them. Besides the obvious background noise of the qc20 it really was struggling with quick pressure changes when commuting by train. E. g. Closing doors or incoming trains triggered a fluttering of the NC which also was a...
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