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thanks for the comparison, so the oppo complements the hd800 well?
 Do you prefer one of them in terms of comfort?Which one is better built?
funny how people are already jumping to conclusions :D
Does "MOE" stand for momentum on-ear? Didn't like the momentums much. Too bassy for my taste. Quickly sold them.   So is the xs similar in bass quantity? 
I don't think they isolate much, being an open design.
the unboxing was promising. construction wise this looks way better than what hifiman and audeze are offering.
I'm curious if this headphone will be exhibited at the high-end 2014 in munich.
can somebody compare them with the sennheiser momentum on-ear? I had the momentums but really disliked their sound. Too bassy, too bloated and not very detailed either. Also I thought comfort could be better.
April fool anyone? (though a good one)
sounds great, looking forward to it!
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