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Why would you be suspicious?  I went back and looked up my order of these and found I bought them in May 2012 for $319 and change.
 http://www.cavalliaudio.com/ Final production run.
 If it were me, I'd keep the headphones and kick her out.
Having owned both of these for some time I agree with much that has been said and would not sell either one.  In addition, my summary :   IE800: More accurate sound. More linear FR.  These would be SOO much more  pleasant if the cable length to the Y were longer.  Cable management is a bitch.   SE846:  More enjoyable sound. Lush mids, good foundation bass.  I listen to these the most.
 Ditto.  Spinfit wouldn't provide a good seal for me. (Largest size wasn't large enough)
 That's the path I took.
  Thanks...... PM sent.
 Yes.... I see you're right.  I just (tried) to cancel my order.  They assigned a shipping label to it at precisely the time I called, yet refused to stop shipment even though it's still sitting in their facility, so I'll need to return via RMA.  I have no intention of paying for the return postage, either.
 A perfect real-life example of how a balanced amp is not necessarily "better" than another single-ended one.
 I had them both at the same time briefly before I got rid of the HA-1.  No comparison.  m920 is superior in every way I can think of (including much smaller desk footprint).
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