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 I have an S7 Edge.  UAPP works great at the proper bit rate for all locally stored media.  I stream Spotify, but Android is upsampling it to (dark blue) (forgot the bitrate, but it's higher).  It still sounds great to me.  In my opinion, you'd need a golden ear to be upset with the upsampling artifacts.
Here's an example of MY confirmation bias:   I recently bought the MOJO based on all the general 'buzz' I've been reading about in various threads on headfi (and the british pound deterioration).  I definitely liked it a lot when I first listened to it.   After going back and reading the 3rd post in this thread in detail, specifically the Rob Watts in-depth explanations of the unconventional design, I could instantly hear the dramatic improvement in my MOJO!!   I'm not...
   True.  It all depends on your risk tolerance.  I purchased mine new from Chord / Amazon UK for $425, vs $599 from a local dealer, and I'm quite thrilled with it.  It depends if you're willing to accept the (small) risk for the discount.
 For the record .... By the time the charge came through, the pending amount was reduced because of the further deterioration of the pound.  Amount charged : $425.00
 I did.  It won't make any difference in sound from the same SE amps.  The purpose is to allow you to take advantage of the balanced output of a balanced amp.
 How many pairs of ears do you have?
I've been eye-balling the mojo since it came out.  The dollar-pound exchange rate finally got to me :   http://www.head-fi.org/t/692119/the-deals-discussion-thread-read-the-first-post/21945#post_12913713
There's occasional chatter here about the Chord Mojo.  For those in the US, I just bought a new one from Chord for $438 including shipping :   http://www.head-fi.org/t/692119/the-deals-discussion-thread-read-the-first-post/21945#post_12913713
Given the current $/£ exchange rate, I just ordered a new Mojo directly from Chord on Amazon UK including delivery here to the US for $438:     Chord original price : £399   less VAT               : £332.50    plus shipping        :  £9.95   --------------------   Total                  :  £342.45   I charged it to my Capital One MC and paid in British pounds rather than dollars because Capital One charges the real exchange rate with no fees.   Total charged...
 When I posted this 2 days ago, I thought the only difference between A3 and A3S was the color.  I've read a lot of this thread since, and see there is a slight difference.  For the record, I have the A3S, and I'm still quite impressed with it!
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