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Red it is.
 Me too!
    Thanks everyone for your replies,  ....   Thanks, I haven't tried that yet. I'll try it tonight.     I'm using the white translucent tips with the red liner.  I noted they seemed to transmit less bass than the (default) black tips.  Yes, I use all my IEMs over the ears.  Even if I have to go through gyrations to get them there.   I have a box of Spiral Dots in my size but haven't tried them....  Thanks, I'll try them tonight!
 I received my A4 yesterday (Saturday).  I admit I've only listened about 10 hours, but I haven't been able to quite dial in the sound signature I'm looking for yet.  It came as default with black(b) and blue(f).  This sounded pretty good, but the low and mid bass seemed to overpower everything. I've tried some other popular combinations I've read about here, but no joy. So far, everything I've tried is either too bass-heavy, or, when I'm able to get the bass to where it...
Well, My A4 are finally in-country.  They left Chicago yesterday morning by USPS.  They might be here today or tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or next week.   Anyway, looking forward to trying these out of my DX90, and Mojo.  I enjoy the (A3s)s so I'm hoping to render those obsolete.
 I have a Galaxy S7 (Edge) and I've compared.  You might well be satisfied with the 846 - Galaxy S7 pairing .... until you hear it through an external DAC/amp, or say, a Chord Mojo.  Sublime.  So I agree with the other posters ..... if you're only going to listen directly from your phone you might get by with a cheaper IEM (though you won't be disappointed with the 846).  But once you have it, you should try a DAC/amp. 
 The difference is greater.  I bought my Mojo from a few months ago at a great net price of $426, but it's even cheaper now : 399 pounds = $487 at today's rate.  Less 20% VAT is $389.62.  Shipping + $16 =~ $406.  If you have a Capital One credit card, pay in British Pounds and you'll get the present conversion rate with no transaction fees.
 I have an S7 Edge.  UAPP works great at the proper bit rate for all locally stored media.  I stream Spotify, but Android is upsampling it to (dark blue) (forgot the bitrate, but it's higher).  It still sounds great to me.  In my opinion, you'd need a golden ear to be upset with the upsampling artifacts.
Here's an example of MY confirmation bias:   I recently bought the MOJO based on all the general 'buzz' I've been reading about in various threads on headfi (and the british pound deterioration).  I definitely liked it a lot when I first listened to it.   After going back and reading the 3rd post in this thread in detail, specifically the Rob Watts in-depth explanations of the unconventional design, I could instantly hear the dramatic improvement in my MOJO!!   I'm not...
   True.  It all depends on your risk tolerance.  I purchased mine new from Chord / Amazon UK for $425, vs $599 from a local dealer, and I'm quite thrilled with it.  It depends if you're willing to accept the (small) risk for the discount.
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