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 The Oppo is nice in the feature set all in one thrifty package.  I was never thrilled with the quality of the high frequencies on mine.  After I got the m920, I sold my Oppo.  An A/B test between the two crushed the Oppo sonically.  YMMV
OMG, Kill me now.  I don't do Apple.
I just went through the ordering process for the Amazon UK Mojo deal.  It came up as $466.53 USD for me. I didn't pull the trigger, though, because...... how many devices do I need alread??  But it does seem like a good idea for anyone in the states who wants one of these things.
 I thought those were used to add to your mother-in-law's tea!!!
I've owned my SE846's for a year and half now, and have been 200% satisfied.  Today I finally noticed what I've seen others write about --- the copper strands in the cables between the Y connector and the phones have a nice (?) green patina now.  The cable from the Y down to the plug looks like new out of the box.  So the upper end of the cable has let some air in, maybe due to the greater flexing around the phones.   Not really a big deal, but I thought I'd add my...
Once again, I'll chime in with SE vs. balanced....   There is no intrinsic value for balanced over SE over reasonably short cable runs...... Crosstalk is most certainly negligble for 4-8 ft. runs.      The real advantage for balanced is simply that it lets one take advantage of a balanced amplifier whose balanced output is probably (though not necessarily) superior than it's single ended output.  And the balanced output of a given amplifier may be better or worse than...
 Surprised you how on the W60?  Too little bass or too much?
Why would you be suspicious?  I went back and looked up my order of these and found I bought them in May 2012 for $319 and change.
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