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 I have the following setups:  Bifrost/Lyr , Burson Conductor, Dragonfly/LD MKIV SE. To be honest, most cans sound best on the Burson Conductor ...... except the HE-500.  They really shine on the Bifrost/Lyr
Yep, Star Tips.  I'm an orange
OK, I've got ES11W pads on my muddy ES10s ... can someone direct me to mod(s) to tighten the bass and bring out some high end sparkle?
Standard test is to swap tubes.  If the problem switches ears (likely), you know it's just the tubes, which you can change out at your leisure.  Otherwise, I might be a bit more concerned
No difficulty points ..... this IS Head-Fi .....
I think they're very similar.  If forced to choose, I'd say the Sennheiser
 I tried the tone generator at that site.  Very difficult to discern precisely, but it seemed to be around 12kHz.  It's almost not a tone, but just a background "sparkle" from my auditory nervous system letting me know it's online. I chose 14Khz because I remember back in the day when I could hear closer to 20Khz, I could recall being able to hear the horizontal retrace of a television circuit (15.75 kHz), and I thought it was around there.
 Wow, these last few pages have been very enlightening.  I  asked about the teeth clenching because I just recently noticed it made a difference, and had the same thoughts as James (quoted in bold). Mine sounds like an extremely low level sine wave, equal in both ears at or above the upper limit I can hear (maybe ~ 14kHz)
 Depends on the tubes, of course, but the  HE-500 is the only headphone I have that actually sounds better on the Lyr/Bifrost than on the Conductor.  Highly recommended.... especially if you want to acquire an addictive tube-rolling habit!
 Sounds like the ATH-ES10 to me
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