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 I've had both side by side.  Not even close.  The Oppo is gone.  I don't use my Burson Conductor anymore.  All I need is the Grace.
Nah .... you know the 2 + wires by where they're soldered.  You can distinguish between the 2 grounds after they're unsoldered with an ohmmeter.
  Head-Fi Username:                       BobJS Location (City, Country):              Dayton, Ohio, USA RHA Products Previously Used:    None (though own Shure SE846, Westone W3, Sennheiser IE800, VSonic GR07, etc) Source Gear:                                 High End computer source/DACs/amps available, but most IEM use with iBasso DX90, Fiio X3, iPod Touch, Sansa Fuze     Agree to all terms!
 I'm really pretty agnostic on this issue, but just to take the other side of argument ---- can you imagine any digital signal corruption if your ideal 0 and 1 pulses are received on the other end of some "really bad cables" as something like this? 
 I didn't realize the full nature of your problem.  You've basically already tried what I was suggesting.
 Have you ever used sinegen or similar software to dial in different frequencies to find out exactly where you are sensitive?
 Regarding DIY custom molds ..... I gave #2  above a shot today but had to abort.  I couldn't come close to getting the proper IEM orientation and entry point before the silicone started setting. With the Westone star tips, I usually guide them into place with the tips and let the memory wire angle up towards the front of my head (and wrapped back around the top behind my ear) while letting the IEM body pivot around the connector until it nestles in for a good fit.  I...
 I just returned a pair of X2s to Amazon ($239, used like new).  For the money, they're fantastic.  They have a sound signature similar to the TH900; it's just the TH900 does it better (as you would assume, considering the price difference).  I would call them a poor man's TH900.
 Mine looked new, never used, though the box was clearly opened.  Tremendous value for the price, though I've decided to send mine back because the bass is just a wee bit too flabby/boomy for me.  Please note I'm being extra picky because I've got quite a few better sounding (and much more expensive) headphones.  These are highly recommended for anyone looking in this price range.
 I actually think it's harder.  The net result is much better though. 
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