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 I've been looking at the Mjolnir as a potential "buy", but I have to admit this discussion has been a BUZZkill for me.  (intended)
 The more headphones I acquire, the more I keep going back to the T1.  Will never part with it.
About a month ago I grabbed a pair of new PS500is for a great price as the e series were being pushed hard.  Loved them but thought the U shaped sound left the mids a bit hollow, and was intrigued with the idea of the RS1s (mostly from reading about them on this forum).  Just this week I found a price for new pair of RS1is for a little less than what I paid for the PS500is!  So I jumped on them figuring to A/B them and sell the pair I liked least.   Initially I thought...
 Shower caps aka ear condoms.
 Ditto .... a year and a half
Out of curiousity, are the PM-1's highs rolled off at all?  Dark, neutral, bright?
 Nice review.... telling it like it is.  Great feature set..... great pairing with warmer or high-end rolled off phones like the popular planars, and satisfactory with picky headphones (read: HD800) when using an external DAC.
 And a big +1 from me.
 Thanks, Yeah, I've already done this, though I used an aftermarket cable on my HE-500s  to make the balanced-to-SE adapter.  All my high end phones are now 4 pin XLR terminated, with a SE-adapter to use with all.
 Since my last post, I think I've found a winning combination.  I use the DAC out from the Conductor to the RCA input of the Oppo, giving me a very slightly warmer bass and slightly less 'tizzy', but still resolving high while still allowing me access to the balanced amp and balanced out. I re-terminated my T1 and HE-500 with a 4 pin balanced XLR.  I've ordered a balanced cable for the HD800 .  And I took the ViaBlue 1/4" jack that was on the end of the HE-500 cable (from...
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