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Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this time. Thanks for the invite though! 
It could be interference. There is quite a bit of cabling around my computer (speakers/sub/monitor cable/extension board etc.)    I can't really try them on another device as they have a quarter inch jack unfortunately. Although, when I plug in my IEM's, the noise is gone. 
Hello all. For a good while now, I've been hearing this hissing sound coming out of the right ear of my HD 558s. It gets louder when I turn my volume knob on my amp (Schiit Magni) down, and is the loudest when the knob is turned down all the way. The hissing goes away if I turn my volume up to a certain level. Also, the pitch of the sound rises and falls when I move my headphone cable up and down. My amp is coupled to my DAC (Schiit Modi), which plugs into my computer via...
Huge jazz fan. I'm 20 now, but I've been listening since I was 11. I also play trombone in my university's jazz orchestra and have been playing jazz trombone since 7th grade. 
Just tried the cotton and a it's a bit too soft. The wax is a rather large piece.
Mine is also the flaky kind. I might try the cotton swab, but I'm hesitant about using alcohol. Thanks!
Hey all. I was trying to clear out some ear wax that built up on one of my CIEM's sound tubes today. While I got some of it out using the ubiquitous cleaning tool, the rest got lodged deeper into the tube (almost touching the driver). I've been looking around for a viable extraction method but all I found was an expensive Jodi-Vac hearing aid vacuum. Does anyone else have a solution for removing the debris while ensuring the safety of the driver? Thanks!
I just got my Stages today and have to say that I'm quite pleased. I haven't tried the V6 so I can't really compare the two unfortuantely. From what I'm hearing right now, the Stages definitely have a bassier sound; the low end is extended and has some punch, especially with bass heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop. Right now, I feel like the low end is a bit over-accentuated in that it may drown out the midrange and treble. Moreover, the mid-bass sounds a bit muddy to...
Hey guys. I'm looking to get a set of basic, quality speakers that I can plug-in to my Galaxy S3 for home use. Connection can be via cable OR bluetooth, although preferably bluetooth. Price is NOT an issue. Any recommendations? Thanks!   EDIT:  I will have to bring these speakers overseas, so they will have to fit into a large suitcase. 
Hopefully these really perform. After all, if the article's expected price is accurate, they're charging just over $500, which is twice as much as the 940. 
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