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what happens if you need to send back items with defects you shipped with vpost ? do you forward it back to the merchant yourself at your own cost ?? 
thanks ! besides, could i claim warranty from retail stores if i buy goods from sold by amazon ? 
omg guys thank you so much ! this is the best forum i've been at ! so..any thing "ships and sold by" should be completely ok right ? besides , if i buy some sony goods also sold in retail stores from amazon, could i claim warranty from the retail stores too ? like sony and nokia.. ? 
anyone uses comgateway here ? u guys should try it !  get amazon goods shipped to your country ! ^^ 
where would it normally say in bulk package ? would amazon themselves do that ? 
buying from themselves mean certain safety and products in full retail package right ? please help me...
if i buy straight from themselves and not some third party selling on amazon means certain safety and guaranteed good product right ? 
so..what does bulk packaging mean ? please help me.. D;
im worried if amazon send in a box with earphones , a plain box :P so in this case would i have to visit jays' website ? only authorised dealers  are for certain having original packaging isit so ..? please help..   
so do everything "shipped and sold by" come in full retail packaging ? like this one :   if yes, why does this specially say  " retail packaging " in its title while it is shipped and sold by amazon...
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