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i saw this on ebay, a cmoy driven by a tube, claims to give it a "warm" sound... i need someone who has this to tell me whether or not this is worth $50? http://www.ebay.com/itm/12AU7-JRC4556-Valve-driven-cmoy-RA-1-headphone-amplifier-real-tube-warm-sound-/200770292449?pt=AU_Electronics_Audio_Amplifiers&hash=item2ebed78ae1
thank you SOOOOOOO much! this review has probably gotten me sold on it, but i need to know how it sounds unamped, because i can't afford an amp with these
I am looking for the best headphones to use unamped with my Zune HD under $100, and i came across these philips Given that they are probably some of the sleekest headphones i have ever seen, i decided to read reviews from it. I could not find one review saying anything but positive things about it, but i can't find any reviews for it on head fi, I've been talking to some people around the site and most people who heard of them said that they would get them, but they are...
Thanks for the help I know what I'm going to do now!
it's a coiled cable which will be too heavy for me to go outside or to school with
Hi, I am a novice to the headphone world, and i am looking to get my first good mid range headphones, either the dj100(with fiio e6) or the philips citiscape downtown, but that's besides the point. I am making this thread to ask what cable should i get to replace the dj100's, and if you could provide a link that would be great! my budget is a very thin $10-15, so i can't get anything too expensive. Also, if you have any tips for soldering cable that would also be helpful,...
plus, the dj100's even with the new pads and cables will cost around $75, and still won't sound good without an amp as far as i know from reading the threads here, and to get a decent amp (fiio e11) it costs at least $50, which means i can't afford it
yeah, but even with m50 pads are they as comfortable as the downtowns? If you've tried them at bestbuy or something you would know what I'm talking about, but i have no idea if i can wear the dj100's for 10+ hours at a time
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