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great! can't wait to hear what you guys all think of it, i would join in but i'm poor lol  
yeah but i want to hear the opinions of he people not trying to sell the product, either way i'm just happy people are finally starting to pay attention to this thread lol
oh wow someone responded lol! yeah it looked interesting
hey im getting these for mainly portable listening and gaming, i was wondering was portable amp to get, im looking at the fiio e17 alpen at the moment or maybe a cheaper e7, also i was wondering if these were good for dubstep, i usually use my crappy $30 htf600's to listen to it because cheap headphones are usually the only ones that can produced the muddy impactful bass good for dubstep.... so plz respond thanks!
maybe for people who wear them 24/7, but i want them to feel comfortable when i put them on, like a sweater or a hat. Would you want to feel like you're not wearing anything after you put on clothes?  
i forgot to hit reply, ignore this post
I've tried the hd800's and they don't feel like there is anything there, so they really don't provide comfort, I own the hd439, it's the most comfortable headphone I've ever worn, along with the hd598, but they have almost the exact same shape, only the 598 has nicer earpads
If you are looking to buy noise cancelling headphones that don't hiss, you'd be best off getting Philips citiscape uptown, they by far have the best passive noise reduction due to their music seal technology, plus they are the most comfortable headphones you will ever wear, as far as the sound goes though, they are no m50's, but they are definitely tough competitors in the $100-$200 range and will cancel noise just as well as the bose
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