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Nice build, man! What kind of chassis are you planning on throwing it in?
50.4 lbs 77.7 lbs 100.1 lbs
To add to the thread, I just picked these up, and realized that with the stock earpads off, the driver enclosure fits perfectly into the HiFiMan Velour pads. The improvement in sound is astronomical. Like, wow. That cramped, cheapo headphone feeling went away completely. The sub bass was still lacking, but the overall quality and openness of sound increased drastically.
I'm already using a Hybrid amp with a 12AX7 preamp tube and an AMB Gamma1, which I've heard is pretty warm.You mean the foam circles from inside the Beyers, right?I'll see what I can do.I'm looking to build a Gamma2 upgrade board for my Gamma1, which uses 1 of the same DAC that's in the NFB12, but unfortunately, some essential parts are going to be on backorder for a while (One of them being the DAC itself...)
Question, What's the best way (Without EQ) to calm the sibilance on the HE-4 down? It's nowhere near as bad as it was with my Grados, and I love every other part of the sound signature, but some albums like "What's the Story (Morning Glory)" and "Incesticide" are near unlistenable.
Not magnets.Sarcasm aside, HiFiMan includes what appears to be a small damper of some kind on the ear side of the driver.It's varied from the HE-4's first release to new revisions, but currently, the damper looks like the spokes of a wagon wheel. Edit: Ninja'd by Jerg.
What are some examples of tracks that you were thinking of with regard to the slam?
Are you using Pleathers or the standard Velours?The bass is really nice, but not really a slam like what you're describing. EDIT: I think I just had my first "Headphones so good that they unmasked recording flaws" moment.Right in the middle of "Ants of the Sky" by BTBAM, I head a rattling in the left earcup.Immediately, I turned off the audio, then removed the left earpad to investigate.Nothing caught my eye, so I put the pad back on, started the audio again, and heard the...
There are a couple of small sections on some tracks where the forwardness is a bit too much, but it's nothing like on my SR225is. I'm noticing that everything is a lot more separated and clear on the HE-4 than on the SR225i... Is this the Planar Magnetics talking?
Mine just came in the mail... 2 days early, thankfully. First track was Alice in Chains' "Nutshell" from the MTV unplugged performance... Simply wonderful. Guitars sound so natural...   Impression thus far: Somewhat like my Grados, except lower instruments are represented much better, and "S" and "P" sounds aren't anywhere near as pronounced.   I'll be editing this post as my experience continues.     EDIT1: Just put on Weissenberg's performance of Debussy's...
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