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I know it'll never happen, but I hope that they release some form of source code so that some curious X3 owners can try to fix some issues for themselves. As we've seen with Rockbox, even if a product is discontinued, there'll still be a loyal following that would be more than willing to develop firmware for the device. I feel like if Fiio releases the source code behind the X3 firmware, all album art, Replay Gain, .m4a tagging, and other miscellaneous issues would be...
Definitely interested in this
 What's the hybrid part of the Sonys? I'd prefer a foam tip because the Silicon that came with the IM02 will not seal, M or L. If I get a seal, it only lasts for a few minutes. This is with clean canals too.If the Sonys have a foam-ish element, I'll go there. Otherwise, I'm still very curious about the Complys.
Is there a big sonic difference between the Isolation and Comfort Comply tips for the IM02? My stock tips are starting to fall apart, and the silicon tips won't seal for me under any circumstances.   Also, are there any other foam tips that anyone would recommend over the Complys?
Here's hoping it's soon, and that the album artwork cutoff issue gets fixed. I'm sticking with my X3 for the foreseeable future as I have a personal preference for Wolfson DACs in my setups.
Alright, thanks.After further research, I found a design that uses Zenerdiodes in combination with resistors and LEDs to conduct the indication.Each zenerdiode's tolerance voltage goes up, from the battery-nearly-dead voltage to the battery-nearly-full voltage.I looked on digikey, and they seem to have all the necessary parts in a good accuracy space (I found 9.0V, 9.1V, 9.6V, 9.3V, 9.4V, and others).Is there something I'm missing that would result in this circuit not...
Thanks! One question, though: How would I go about running the indicator with only 5 LEDs? I don't have room for and really don't want all 10.
How easy would it be to both power the chip and measure battery charge with it?I coud be reading wrong, but it sounds like the source is only measurable between 0-5V, not 9.6.EDIT: Nevermind, I was looking at an example diagram.My question about the input measuring battery charge and the whole chip being powered by the same battery still stands, though
Question for you guys: I want to integrate a battery charge indicator board to my amplifier. I want it to have 4-5 LEDs and a push button that, when pushed, lights up the LEDs to indicate the charge. 5 LEDs would be 100-81%, 4 80-61%, so on. I found the link below, but it looks like this board is for 5V batteries, instead of the 9.6V setup I have. Any...
As a second user input opinion, I'd prefer for soniccircle's suggestion to be implemented as a switchable feature, as I personally prefer for my artists to be sorted by the first letter of their name.
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