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It finally worked! I don't know what happened when I first tried it but after retoggle-ing between internal speakers and audio-gd to setting the preferences at audirvana, when i pressed line in button sound suddenly came out! (odd when I did try the line in button previously it wasn't working) Thank you! really appreciate the help! :D
  Hi KamijolsMyHero,   I was under the impression that I didn't need to install any drivers for Mac? I'm going to take a look at the links at the audio-gd site and try it out. Thank you.
I just got the Compass 2 today and it wont work for me.. I have the compass 2 plug in to my imac via USB. I did change the sound output to Audio Gd and checked the audio midi setup. I tried it with Itunes + Audirvana Plus but no sound is coming out of the headphones. Am I doing something wrong? Can someone help me out. Thanks.
If I'm going to just be using the amp/dac for my imac with the HE400 is it still worth it to go for the compass 2 rather than the 11.32?  
edit: got my answer by reading back on the thread >.<
  Thanks for the reply. What about the upgrades? Did you add it to yours as well? I'm not sure what it does so I don't know if it's worth adding the extra $.
Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me out? I was originally planning to get the o2/odac or the magni/modi combo to pair with my HE400 until I stumbled upon this dac/amp.   After much reading, I'm very much interested in buying the NFB 11.32 but I'm not familiar with the technical terms that I've been reading across the thread.. I've seen a lot of comments with people having a hard time getting the dac to work with their computers -- so it worries me since for...
Hi, I just recently got the HE400 and so far am really happy with it. (I'm really new to these things so I don't think I'm as picky with details) The only issue I'm having is after a couple of hours of listening straight, these headphones start to really become uncomfortable. I've ordered a couple of pleather and valour pads from headdirect so I can try the jergmod and a headband cushion from amazon so hopefully this helps comfort wise. Do you guys have anymore...
After reading all the reviews about Hifiman HE400, I decided to test it out at my local headphone shop today. I ended buying it right then and there! Damn, I'm in love with these headphones. I got it a lot pricier than I would online but heck support the local shops eh! :D I'm no audiophile but these headphones are like crack once you love one you can't stop buying more! :o
  Alright, Thanks a lot! :)   Edit: Just got my fiio e12! Used it with my HE400 and they're awesome! :)
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