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  As a former owner of the K550, I couldn't possibly agree more in that they would not satisfy a bass head. I bought them from my local Best Buy's "expensive headphone section," audited them at home and was incredibly unimpressed. I brought them to work the next day to let some of my audiophile work-buddies check them out and they too were incredibly unimpressed.   The K550s are huge and it's very challenging to get a good seal, which means zero bass. I think you could do...
  Crystal Head Vodka :-)   http://www.crystalheadvodka.com/
  I couldn't agree more!    
  The only other pair of cans that I'm familiar with and like in that price range are the Shure SRH940s ($299). I have a work buddy that owns a pair and loves them. I've also owned a Shure, an IEM, the SE 535s, and was totally blown away.   So if the MOMENTUMs are out, I'd strongly consider the SRH940s. Unlike the MOMENTUMs, these do fold.
I think you'd be extremely pleased with the new Sennheiser MOMENTUMs.   * They are circumaural. * There are two detachable cords (not too long). One of which has full iPhone controls + mic. * They look very nice. * They are closed-back. * They are not reference-grade cans; they are very musical/fun with just a bit of a bass bump. * They will work just perfectly fine out of your iPhone and computer. * They are incredibly comfortable. * They isolate...
For anyone still on the fence:   I've had my pair of Sennheiser MOMENTUMs for around a month now and I'm still in love with them! Unlike every other pair of headphones that I've owned in the past, I actually use the MOMENTUMs virtually each and every single day.   The stacks I'm using are:   * Office/Home: MacBook Pro (iTunes - 256 kbps AACs / WAVs) > FiiO E17 DAC/amp > MOMENTUM.   * Mobile: iPhone 5 (iTunes - 256 kbps AACs) > MOMENTUM.   I've found...
  He didn't mention a laptop :-) If that's part of the equation though, I agree that a DAC/amp could be a better choice.
Well, you don't really need an external DAC+amp for the S3 as it already has a fantastic Wolfson WM1811. However, a portable amp would certainly not be a bad idea. I have the E17 and I love it.   Personally, if I were in your situation I wouldn't pair your Ed8s with an E17 though. The E17, in my opinion, is more appropriate for mid-fi cans. Your Ed8s are more "deserving" of, for example, Alo's RX MK3-B:   http://www.aloaudio.com/rx-mk3   Of course, it's just...
  That a couple of folks have reported that the cups are too small for their ears doesn't make these supra-aurals; it makes these compact circumaurals.   Personally, I do find it a tight fit -- not uncomfortably so -- but they do fully envelop my ears.
  I respectfully disagree. I don't think that they're large for portables at all, much less very large. The headband is very thin and the cups are small enough that some people have reported that they're too small to fit around their ears.   I do find the case to be on the larger side though, but I don't use the case; I just toss the headphones in my laptop bag.
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