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I see a lot of good things said about the CKS77....may have to take another look...cheers
This is an interesting overview of Ipod's.   I have a 1st, 4th and 6th gen Nano's in the house and I would say the 1st does sound better to the others. I got an improved SQ by using LOD to Fiio E5 and then getting some resonably good IEM's...the Fiio's E5 or E6 are small enough to be portable and have clips. For my 2 cents.
Must admit I can see why the E10's have had such good feedback, they certainly are a lot better than the Senn's CX300-ii and CX400-ii, I have, also I got some Hisoundsound PoPo's (free with the RoCoo-P) and the E10's I still prefer...but I cannot help but tinker and think...what else could I try, without going silly and spending loads of dosh.
Hi   Interesting...I have had the RoCoo-P for a couple of weeks now and will state compared to Ipods (with LOD and Fiio E5 amp) the RoCoo knocks them out the park...BUT, the headphones maybe key, my old Sennheisers CX300-ii sounded a little harsh on the RoCoo, but my soundmagic E10's are sublime! this combo works brilliantly across the whole spectrum and opens up a soundstage that I simply could not get from Ipods. I bought it for the sound...I'm not interested in...
Thanks...I got some E10's and must admit they are very good...but you always think..'I wonder what they might be like?'...trying to find the best marriage for's like the hunt for the Holy Grail...LOL
Hi   Did you go for the TD4's?...I would also be interested to get feedback, as interested in getting a set.   Cheers
Sorted...was due to a couple of dodgy msd cards...suspect have some bad bits, which can lead to data corruption.
Hi   Any one here experiencing issues reading sd card on their RoCoo-P?....I simply cannot get the RoCoo to read micro sd card reliably, works fine in every other appliance (PC's, android systems, non-android phones) just not on the even reports some files that are now removed (and the sd card has been formatted!). In the end hisound advised to reflash the unit, but after hours still cannot get it into the update mode to enable their s/w to...
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