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Total price including shipping via EMS (3-7 days) is $77 to the UK, so should be a little cheaper for the US (a few dollars less...I suspect). So, I've placed an order....I'll let you know how quickly, etc...
Thanks....they are even cheaper on Amazon JP...$56...but I think their shipping costs will be a lot more for good ol' I may take a punt with CDJapan...and as you say...they are to new for fakes, now I've seen this price on Amazon Japan, we know the price is a credible one...So I'm going in chaps. 
What I thought, hence my question...I'm sick and tired of 'rip off Britain' prices, so always take time to search, but I've had zero dealings with this outfit, so was hoping someone on here may of...(he says with much hope...).
Got a bit delayed in placing my order for these....and now I've found this outfit selling them for $59 + shipping. seems good deal..anyone had any experience with them?   Cheers
I would of thought so, don't forget the class rating is for how quickly you can write to the card. I have a RoCoo-P and using Transcend 32GB cards with no issues (class 4 and 10)
A LOD is a pretty inexpensive experiment (~ $7) maybe try this with your nano and then go and see what a Classic sounds like, I'm sure a good hi-fi shop will allow you to try with your own headphones, etc...I've heard the Classic is better (opinions) but do not have a Classic myself so cannot comment. Without reviewing the datasheets for the WM8758 and 8975 I could not say, but it's not just about the DAC itself, it's also how you design around it (support circuitry) to...
Great review and being a fellow RoCoo-p owner (for a few weeks and also relatively new to digging in deeper to real audio products), this unit really does deliver, compared to my other Ipods, LOD + Fiio E5 (acknowledge entry level), the RoCoo is better by some margin. It also seems to actually be getting better the more I listen to it. A great product!
Cheers...This is great site...and really enjoying reading everyone's inputs...I have a few IEM's (Senn's CX300 & 400, Soundmagic E10's and Hisound PoPo's) but looking to go a level or 2 and so for I'm leaning to these new CKM500' will take the plunge and get some....but I know I'll just keep buying more..nice review BTW.
Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated, I'll think this will definitely be purchased in the morning...I keep toing and froing with...what do I purchase next, there are so many good reviews and inputs, looks like I'm going to be building up a collection, whilst emptying the back account.
Hi Chaps   This thread has been very enlightening, looking to get some good IEM's for my RoCoo-P and I'm very keen to give these a try.   Best deal I've found is this on ebay   Has anyone had any dealings with this outfit...being mindful of so many fakes, etc on ebay.   If any one has any suggestions about other...
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