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Good to hear...mine also left on th 28th arrive in UK late 29th...now sat in bloody UK Customs for 2 bloody days...still no bloody news.....miffed? completely...!. knowing UK customs might get here before the summer is out....looking forward to your initial feedback.
Have you dropped Jack a message at Hisoundaudio, he replies pretty quickly and is really helpful..I have a RoCoo-P and have not encountered anything like that. If all else fails, try reflashing...wished I could be of more help.
This is in line with Audio Technica's site in Japan   http://www.audio-technica.co.jp/search/search.php   They have 2 versions (iphone and smartphone), both with 1.2m cable (no extension)   http://www.audio-technica.co.jp/atj/show_model.php?modelId=1256
I see they are back on pre-order...   http://www.mp4nation.net/brainwavz-earphones/brainwavz-b2-dual-balanced-armature-earphones/
Give them a chase, I ordered on 23rd and is shipped...what is it saying when you log in and look at your order? Once I get them, I'll post some initial feedback on impressions.
I have a shipping notice with the EMS number, they don't hold the sold directly and takes a few days to get in, which is not an issue if I save myself some money. For me EMS deliveries from Asia (mostly China and Hong Kong) has been between 3 days to almost 2 working weeks (that was due to public holiday's, etc).
Not sure where about's in the EU you are (I'm in the UK), but luckily for moi, the last few EMS shipments have not had any dealings with her majesty's customs officials...(shhh!). Mine are on route from cdjapan, so should have here by end of week.
To go back to the original question, if you are happy with the iPod and your selection of IEM's then that is the most important fact. We can all get wrapped up in trying to find improvements, etc when we forget to most basic fact...enjoyment. If you have this and are happy, then great! Music is like beauty...it's in the ear of the beholder...
another alternative for iphone, never used as don't have an iphone is an ifuzen...http://www.ifuzen.com/
I'm sort of new to, I have Ipod Nano (1st, 4th and 6th gen), Samsung YP-P2 sort of similar sounds, especially 1st gen and YP-P2, not so keen on 4th gen, 6th gen better but for me not the same as 1st gen. Improved SQ on ipods with LOD + Fiio E6. Then I got a RoCoo-P, all I can say for me, it's a massive improvement in all area's and it's fine in my pocket...so would class as portable. Cannot comment on Cowon, hopefully someone else with more DAP's maybe able to give you...
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