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  Virtually Brand New!....a few hours listening....stonking great bass for all bass lovers.   Selling due to not my style and have bought way to many other earphones over the last few months...   Spec:-     Driver units  @9mm Rated impedance   ...
My honest opinion...and I'm not an expert, there is many on here who can guide better, but I'd really look at others...I have CX300-ii and 400-ii  and I way prefer the Soundmagic E10...I feel they have lost there way a bit recently...
Mr Dsnuts and Mr Ericp10   You two are very, very lucky..why???   I got my CKM500's this morning...and at first listening was going to have a stroppy rant....but I thought...let them settle...they have been quietly be burning all day...now....I've started to have a serious listen..I'm actually playing Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds...fancied something different...which is Flac on my RoCoo-P...   Impression...   OMG!...I'm hearing instruments I've never...
Quick question chaps...I may of missed it in the threads, so apologies in advance, but does anyone know some good Foam tips for the CKM's, I have some Comply's T-400 and they fit the older models (according to their site) but would welcome anyone's opinions to good alternatives...and are cheaper...(gels irritate after a while)
Good to hear chaps...feels like Xmas has been delayed....   That is some impressive IEM's that you have let go of, so the CKM500's have really impressed that much for you?
Mine are still in Bloody UK Bloody Customs...are this rate, I'll be to old to enjoy them....so means I'm gonna be done for VAT...and will take another week minimum...and I bet they have let 30Kg of Grade A Super Skunk from Morocco just drift on by....whilst sitting there going 'Doh! what's these'.
any joy...? I don't have -BA s/w so cannot help..but it is stored on the player itself, well was on my -P when I got it...
The way I read what they do and what they said to me, is they don't actually have stock, it takes them a few days to get the item, then when they do they ship pretty quickly, and if EMS it will be quick, unless your customs gets in the way.
They should know how damn important it is for us to receive these items...what is wrong with them..!
What UK customs...yeah...can just imagine those numpties...sat there listening to the headphones whilst letting 10Kg of Grade A Cocaine go merrily on by!...would n't even dream of mentioning any sentence with the word 'burn' in it...they'd see that as a glorious chance to have a bonfire with them!
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