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I tested the jh16 demo unit before getting my merlins. They sound pretty different down low. I have a hunch that the sharp impact and hyper detailed jh16 bass would be more likely to distinguish itself in a noisy environment.
I think I phrased that badly. If you drew the inference that your expectations were unrealistic, I apologise. Wasn't intended that way. I just didn't want you getting your hopes up regarding isolation with customs. If I were in your shoes I would base a decision on comfort and sound rather than isolation. Most customs isolate well but road noise is probably gonna test them.
The merlin's drivers don't seem to be vented anymore. They still have a hole in the back but probably for heat dissipation? The miracle does have slightly better isolation than the merlin. Merlin is my favourite though but not because it's better in any particular way. I find listening to the merlin I can forget about analysing the music/source/iems and drift away more easily. Mids on the miracle are more similar to your 535s.   I think you may need to have realistic...
Hi. I've been reading your reviews and the the akgs look interesting. They don't look to be as comfortable or durable as customs?
Well I'd say they do sound considerably better. Personally I can't wear the triple flanges for more than 5mins and the shure olives are more comfortable for me. My customs are much more comfortable then the shure olives and don't give me that sticky oily feeling. The olives also make squelchy noises while I eat and my customs make none. For me personally the customs are a massive upgrade in comfort and convenience(don't need to fiddle with them, replace tips etc). They...
I was sceptical too but my curiosity got the better of me and I found somewhere to test some demo customs. The improvement over my universals was quite apparent. There are so many kinds of customs that there will be one to suit anybody. Some are more geared to listeners and some for producers but I very much doubt that customs intended for musicians or producers would sound bad. I think I read somewhere that you have some shure se535s? I have them and some customs and...
Those weren't mine they were kckc's but it does seem like from his pics that UM, JH and Heir use the same default canal length. I'd expect isolation to be similar too. 
Yeh should be tonnes or tons not tones lol
Don't throw them out. You might be able to get someone to fix them or just reshell them into custom iems. Can you take some pics?  Hard to help without seeing the problem.
My merlin sockets are pretty tight but I don't think it's the pins in mine, just the recessed portion of the socket. What colour combination is the side with the bad socket? If they need to completely redo it they might be able to change the colours for you :) 
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