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It's awesome that you're doing this. Good luck everyone!
im not opposed but shipping would be killer i presume
thanks man! clean evo hehe
Hello all,   I'm not home as much, so I'm looking to sell my D7000. Quite literally my favorite headphones that I've ever bought and took me forever to find. I'd hate to see them go unused, so hopefully it will go to someone who will!   I am the second owner. The headphones are in stock and mint condition. There are micro blemishes on the cups from use - incredibly hard to see, unless looked for. There are blemishes on the left ear pad -- I tried my best to capture the...
I'm closing the listing because I'll be on a trip. I will reopen when I come back!
Ah, didn't know that! Thanks for the heads up. Price adjusted!
Currently looking for a pair -- please let me know what you got!
Currently looking for a pair -- preferably in mint and stock condition. 
Hello all,   Looking to sell my little Schiit Fulla. In mint condition.   Included is the USB cable and original packaging.   Price includes shipping via USPS + Insurance, but not the 3% Paypal Fee (or send as gift.) Will only ship within the US.
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