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  Yeah that's what I'm thinking. I think I will wait a couple months and buy the K550 for the office and keep the D2000 at home :)
Just bought the D2000 instead of the K550 and now you make me doubt my choice. Thank you ! ;) I think I'll stop reading Head-Fi for a while !
Ok so here is what I think. In my heart I think I would go with the Denon D2000, but because I will use them at work and need a good isolation and no leak, I think I have no choice but to go with the AKG K550. Feel free to comment if you think I'm wrong ;) Maybe there is an alternative of the K550 in the same price range ?
Haha ! Merci beaucoup :)
Hmmm I'm not sure what "Jip" means ;) Sorry I'm not 100% bilingual. My first language is french ;)   You are saying that the leak will be heard at 5 foot ?
For those who have the D2000, do you think my coworker who sit about 5 foot at my right will be able to hear the leak ?
Thanks for your advices !   I live in Canada so no for me :( And does not have as much stuff than   So I think I it will be Google :)   And finally, I really think I will go with the AKG K550. I know a place who sell them at 299$, but I think I can make drop the price a little bit.   Maybe someone could try to make me change my mind one more time ? ;)
  Good idea ;) And what are your favorite online stores ? Is it ok to ask ? ;)
  So you think I should go with the AKG. Am I right ? 
Ok and if I tell you that one of the things I need is to be able to hide noises at work. Some people here can make too much noise and I need to put my headphones to keep my concentration. Do you think that the isolation of the D2000 is enough ?
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