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Here's a real world example. The headphone jack on my SAE Mark XXX preamp gets the exact same signal that goes to the main outs, and my low impedance cans have no bass and exaggerated treble. Turning the bass all the way up and the treble all the way down makes them almost listenable, so the juice is there, it's just an impedance mismatch. Many higher end preamps have a real headphone amp but this one doesn't. Very high impedance cans like the old Sennheiser HD414s at 1800...
2nd Day with my modded EVO's. I LOVE these cans! Maybe the bass is a tad bloated, but who cares? I wore them when I walked/ran the dog today. Now they're my favorite portables. They stayed on my head while running (NOT "jogging") with no problem and play plenty loud with my Galaxy Note 3/Tidal subscribed phone. Spectacular sound for chump change. Unless you just like spending money, why buy anything else? I like them as much or more than the rest of my cans now.
Mine arrived today. I did the velour switch and filter removal and wow, if there's a better headphone out ther for $42 shipped I want to know about them. I love these things! Clamping pressure is fine for me. I've had them on for hours and couldn't be happier. I'm using 24 bit files and BubbleUPnP on an Android device without an amp. Awesome!
The internal amp is defective. 
I don't use this anymore. I bought it here for around $100 many years ago. Shipping is $8.00  It works perfectly and sounds great. I will ship it with a fairly fresh 9v Battery.
??? How? I paid around $72 shipped from Tokyo.
Mine have been for sale for $65 shipped you know where.Have been for a week. I guess they're not all that desirable. They hurt my ears.
Annual bump.
These have about 20 hours of use/break in. I just don't like on the ear designs. I will ship Priority Mail from Colorado within an hour of receiving Paypal funds. These are in like new condition with everything that came with them from Japan, including a (probably worthless) Japanese language warranty card. Price includes shipping.
I REALLY don't like these headphones. They have nice detail in the mids and highs, but the bass is just bad and resonates in the cups at 70 to 90. They hurt my ears, physically and acoustically. Live and learn. You get what you pay for. These cans are nasty. Very forward in the upper mids like bad old JBLs, boomy mid bass, no depth. I don't get it.
New Posts  All Forums: