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I don't use this anymore. I bought it here for around $100 many years ago. Shipping is $8.00  It works perfectly and sounds great. I will ship it with a fairly fresh 9v Battery.
??? How? I paid around $72 shipped from Tokyo.
Mine have been for sale for $65 shipped you know where.Have been for a week. I guess they're not all that desirable. They hurt my ears.
Annual bump.
These have about 20 hours of use/break in. I just don't like on the ear designs. I will ship Priority Mail from Colorado within an hour of receiving Paypal funds. These are in like new condition with everything that came with them from Japan, including a (probably worthless) Japanese language warranty card. Price includes shipping.
I REALLY don't like these headphones. They have nice detail in the mids and highs, but the bass is just bad and resonates in the cups at 70 to 90. They hurt my ears, physically and acoustically. Live and learn. You get what you pay for. These cans are nasty. Very forward in the upper mids like bad old JBLs, boomy mid bass, no depth. I don't get it.
I got mine today. They shipped on the 8th, so four days transit time from Tokyo, not bad. Anyway, they seem to have a pretty pronounced resonance around 100 Hz. I haven't read this whole thread, but does anyone else hear this? Otherwise they're very nice, but I hope there's a way to tame the hump.
I was a Jecklin Float dealer back in the day, and was good friends with the importer, Bob Welch, who also imported Transcriptors. I loved them but they did so many things wrong they shouldn't be held up as the perfect headphones. The best way to listen to a pair of Floats is prostrate on your back on the floor with the Floats supported by the floor. It helps the bass and fewer people are likely to see you with those silly things on your head.
I'm really drinking the Kool-Aid now. I bought a clip today. I will be good to go tomorrow around 5PM, when Mr. Brown rolls into my my neighborhood. This better be good.
I ordered mine three days ago (the sixth) and it looks like they're scheduled for delivery via UPS tomorrow, the tenth. Is this possible?   EDIT: The Delivery turned out to be something else. Mine are stuck in LA customs. Oh well.
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