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Drums on this sound out of this world. Bass...depends.... Guitars sound pretty nice as do vocals.    Overall you'll be happy. These just sound good and fun.
  Hmm....It's 60 bucks....I guess I should go for it....
Will it improve audio quality GREATLY? Will the E11 have a substantial difference compared to the E6?
Can the E6 also be used with a macbook???
Hi. I'm extremley new to the audiophile world and I'm thinking about purchasing an amp for use with my iPod Touch as well as Macbook (2010, unibody white)   The FiiO e11 seems to be well regarded here, so I'm wondering that while it's good for the iPod, can I also use it on my macbook and will it actually make a big difference?   Sorry if this is a very newbie question, I have had no experience with amps before.    Thanks! :)
Not OP here. But If the FiiO E11 is a bit to expensive for my price range right now, is there any other...cheaper maybe in the $50 or less range that I can try for these?
Big Big Train - The Entire 'Bard' Album King Crimson - Power To Believe Pink Floyd - Echoes Radiohead - Paranoid Android, Let Down
Hi there!   I'm trying to purchase another budget iem at the moment to add a little variety to my collection of one iem so far :D (the vsonic GR02 bass). According to the forums, these two iem's are extremley praised :P   I'm thinking about picking one up, but the thing is, two variants of these exist (MH1 and MH1C) and I'm just trying to know the differences between the two. I prefer the look of the MH1 because of the logo :D and where I can get it, it comes in...
I've been using my iPod touch 2g for almost 3-4 years now, and I really think it's time for an upgrade for me. The sound is pretty good yes, but a paltry 16GB means I have to convert my library to 128 AAC for even just a small portion to fit...which irks me :P   I don't wanna spend that much money, but if I can get something extremley exceptional, I will go above my current budget of $100 USD, but so far, I really wanna keep it at that.   I'm really only looking...
When I think of price and sound quality, the brand that comes to mind is VSONIC. In my opinion, their price to performance ratio is unmatched, but yes, the SHE3850 comes pretty close ;)   From my personal expierence the vsonic Gr04 flagship is my favorite iem. Amazing clarity in mids and highs as well as tight bass that doesn't overwhelm. However, since you want something similar to the SHE3580, you'd probably want more bass than what the gr04 has to offer. In this...
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