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I have had HE-400 for a while, and have tried it with iPhone4, iPad, HM-602 and HM-801 with balance module. The results were all pretty good. Especially driving it directly out of iPhone4 which i expected to sound under powered, but totally not. Obviously it does sound better once you feed it with more power. 
HE-400 has more bass, slightly rough and less lush mids, and brighter treble.     
It's faster than HD650 for sure. After all it's an ortho. :-)     
I have been asking myself the same question these days. If i were to buy a headphone today, would I get HE-400 or spend more for the HE-500? I used to have the HE-4, and upgrading to HE-6/HE-500 was a no brainer. This time i am not so sure. $300 is a lot of money. You can get a pretty decent amp to drive the HE-400 with 300 bucks.   Ultimately i think that it really depands on what type of music you listen to, and what kind of amp you already have.    
It seems to me that you should give HE-400 a try. I am serious. ;-)    
Fantastic writing! I am SO relieved that I am not the one who was impressed by the performance of HE-400, and more importantly will not be so solely responsible for building up the hype. LOL... ^_^   Have been doing quite a lot listening with HE-400 during the past Holiday driven by EF-6. I am actually liking it more and more mostly because of the weight and fun sounding.   I certainly wouldn't call HE-400 a light weight headphone, but it has hit a sweet spot and no...
i live in Queens.  
i am a good friend of Fang, and called him at the right time. :-)  A good headphone is a good headphone. Maybe I AM biased because i simply like all Hifiman's products. ^_^ To be clear, i am also biased towards all Schiit Audio's products as well. I think that LYR and BIFROST are awesome. I am also biased towards Stax only if i could afford a 009. ^_^ I don't think that anyone here ordered a HE-400 just simply because i said it is good. If you are, CANCEL your order now....
i could just translate that for you easily since i wrote that piece. LOL...   one thing i would like to correct if i may. The dynamics of HE-400 is better than HE-300, not the other way around.    
oh, you guys are right. i always forgot about T50RP. don't know why. :-P   would be interesting to compare T50RP/Thundpants against HE-400. Only if someone can lend me one. LOL...
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