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Hi, I have recently moved to speaker system, so it's time to clean my headphone inventory. Here for sale is a pair of Hifiman HE-6 headphone in mint condition. You won't find any sign of wear at all. It comes with the latest Hifiman travel case (way better than the useless leather box), an extra pair of velour pads, stock OCC(single crystal copper) 4pin XLR cable and Headphone cable connectors.    It retails for $1299. I am selling it for $949 shipped within US....
Price Drop
Hi, I am selling my Cardas Clear Headphone cable for Hifiman headphone (works for all models). It's 1.5 meter long with 1/4" Cardas plug.   I am the first owner, and have only used it for about 50~100 hours. Selling it only because I need a cable with 4-pin XLR connector for my new balanced amp.   It's the best headphone cable i have heard so far. It improves bass performance, gives a more 3D-like sound stage and makes the sound more musical.      It...
Hi, I am now selling my Q audio Cable for Hifiman HE headphone. It is 2 Meter (6.5 feet) long and terminated with 4 pin XLR. It also comes with a 4 pin XLR to 1/4" TRS adapter.    The retail price is $260 not including shipping. I am selling it for SOLD or best offer SHIPPED within US. International buyer will have to pay for the actual full shipping cost.   Paypal preferred (please add 3% paypal fee). Also willing to take money order or check.   Not...
Don't judge Schiit by its price. Personally I believe that they can easily price Mjolnir at $1000, and still be considered as a steal. 
really? where you read this from? Personally i am very satisfied with HE-6 paired with Mjolnir.
  Totally agree with what you said. Mjolnir pairs extremely well with my Meridian 508 through balanced connection. I think that the key is to pair it with a good and musical source.
Have been enjoying Mjolnir since I got it. Ppl are wondering why this thread is so quiet. I cant say for others, but I just want to enjoy the sound rather than spending time on figuring out why it is so good. Jazz at pawnshop SACD balance out of my bdp-95 and balance into Mjolnir is truly amazing.
Yup. that's what i was told. it will basically function like a full-size desktop DAC with the dock. All the input/output you normally get from a desktop DAC will be implemented on the dock.
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