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i think that what they meant was the refit service was free. you will still have to pay for shipping both ways as Danny has just pointed out as well.   I wished that it would be no shipping charge, since it makes sense that each side should be responsible for their own shipping cost.    I can see UM's argument, because it could also be the problem of your ear impression which is not their fault at all.    oh, well. i just hope that i can get it back soon. :-)    
I was charged $45 by UM for a refit. Did anyone else get charged for that?    
sorry, i have never tried Lyr with HD650. Most of my headphones are orthos, and i am sure you know this already. Lyr matches very well with those power hungry orthos.   I am glad that things worked out for you. ^_^ I am also glad that you enjoyed EF5. I am also a huge fan of Hifiman products.     
very true. EF5 and Lyr are two different sounding amps, so it's no surprise that someone would prefer one on top of another.   I consider both are very good amps. I just think that the words used here are a little too harsh. If you don't like it, that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and should be respected.   But it's does mean that Lyr is SUCK, especially considering how well it was received by this community. I am sure if it really sucks, someone...
I have both amps, and i love them both. EF5 is more sweet sounding and versatile, while Lyr has fabulous bass and more power.   I didn't like the old stock JJ tube. While the bass is awesome, the mid is simply too veil for my taste. The GE tube is definitely better, and i think that's the reason why Jason has since changed the default tube to be the GE ones.   There are certain headphones i prefer to be driven by EF5 while some other sound better with...
price drop
Hi, Instead of having several systems at home, i have decided to focus on upgrading one system and make it better. The first let go is my beloved Stax SR-Λ Lambda Nova Signature Headphone + SRM-1/MK-2 Amp. Both units work flawlessly. They make a great system for ppl who want to get a taste of Stax Electrostatic headphone without braking the bank.   The headphone is in very good condition except the leather headband which is showing the age of this headphone (see...
Hi, Never had a flagship Dynamic before. I am thinking that it's time to give that a try. I am hoping to trade my beloved Hifiman HE-6 in mint condition for a pair of HD800 also in mint condition. PM me if you are interested. Only HD800 and only in US please.   If i couldn't find a pair of HD800, i am also open to cash offer for my HE-6. No low ball please.   Thanks!    
I have had HE-400 for a while, and have tried it with iPhone4, iPad, HM-602 and HM-801 with balance module. The results were all pretty good. Especially driving it directly out of iPhone4 which i expected to sound under powered, but totally not. Obviously it does sound better once you feed it with more power. 
HE-400 has more bass, slightly rough and less lush mids, and brighter treble.     
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