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The links are dead now. It seems that someone at Schiit was definitely watching this thread. ;-)
i was checking that thread three times a day at least. :-)    
I am using HM-801 mainly during commute with Miracle, and i hate to keep plugging things on and off. That's why i bought the Bifrost. Plus i am a huge fan of Schiit. :-)   If we compare USB vs USB, Bifrost is better. HM-801's USB DAC function is not that as advanced as Bifrost. If you are planning to use HM-801's USB DAC function, it's probably better to get a USB-to-Coax converter, like Audio-GD Digital Interface or Stello U2/U3.    If you are using HM-801 as the...
i think that you should be getting yours pretty soon. ;-)   the HE-6 cable is ALO Salty Pepper. it looks awesome, and sounds great too.    
hehe...true. I actually like a little bit silver color in my almost black theme setup. :-)      
Hi, I have a 10ft Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 HD800 Headphone Cable with 4-pin XLR in MINT Condition for sale.    I am asking $249 shipped within US or best offer. No low ball please.   I am willing to ship international, but buyer must pay for the shipping cost.   Paypal preferred. Thanks for looking!
i have listened to NFB-10SE before. not impressed. Doing a good balanced amp is difficult, and it's going to be expansive. Audio-GD cut some corner with NFB-10SE in order to bring down the price, and the end results is not that great. It sounds thin and edgy. Not sure about NFB-10 though. I love Audio-GD's products, but not their NFB-10SE.     i would highly recommend you to wait. :-)    There are going to be some real good "schiit" coming out soon. ;-)  
HM-801 with balanced module can output both balanced and single-ended. since i don't have a balanced cable for Miracle, i am actually using the single-ended output.   We all know that BA IEM tends to sound analytical and cold. Straight out of iPhone Miracle does have a digital sound. 801+balanced module with its warm and analogue sound is just a perfect match for Miracle, at least in my mind. :-)   801 actually uses probably THE best sounding D/A chip PCM1704UK. Once you...
i am curious to see how everyone is driving their Miracle or Merlin. I am driving it direct out of HM-801 with balanced amp module.   I agree with Danny. Miracle indeed turned out to be quite a miracle. The sound stage is completely mind boggling. I could never ever imagined that such a small piece of earphone could beat a LOT of full size headphones out there.   It's so musical and involving that it lets me enjoy music the most.    UM also did a great job...
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