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Just got back from Tokyo Headphone festival which took place on 5/11. The planar magnetic technology was the hottest topic this time. Fostex bought the cover commercial of the brochure and spread the image of their new planar TH-500RP to any places you can see; HiFiMAN had their show stands printed with the images of HE560 and HE-400i and attracted everyone's eyes; OPPO paired their PM-1 with their headphone amplifier/DAC and BD/SACD player, looked as fancy as you can...
Hi, If you have a good pair of Sony R10 and want to sell, please PM me. I am very interested in purchasing one. Thanks!!!   Eric
Hi, If you have a pair of Ergo AMT headphone and adapter box for sale, please PM me. I am very interested in purchasing. Thanks! Eric
 Thank you so much!!!! Really appreciated!!!!
Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows where i can get the same headphone connector used on the Sennheiser Orpheus Amp HEV 90 (see pic below)? Someone is building an amp for my friend's Sennheiser Orpheus, and need this connector. Doesn't have to be the exact same one. Really apprecaited any advice you can give. Thanks!!!   Eric  
Hi,   Selling my ALO Salty Pepper Headphone cable for Hifiman headphone. You can also have ALO re-terminate it for any other type of headphone if you wish.   It is 5.5 feet long with 4-pin XLR. It also comes with a 1 feet long 4-pin XLR to 1/4" jack adapter.    The cable is in very good condition, and works perfectly. Not to mention it sounds fantastic. If you want to get the best out of our hi-end headphone, you must try this cable.   If you are looking for more...
Hi,Since this year I found myself listening to my speaker system more and more, so decided to let go some of my headphone collections.  After just sold my HE-500 yesterday to a fellow headier, here goes my HE-6 in mint conduction. There is no scratch or sign of wear anywhere. It comes with both velour pads as well as leather pads. It also comes with the original OCC headphone cable with 4-pin XLR plug and a 4-pin XLR to 1/4" plug adapter. The wooden box is a little bit...
sale pending...
hehe...maybe one day i will sell my speakers to fund headphone purchases, but at this moment i just hate to see my beloved headphones just sitting there collecting dust. I am not giving up on headphones by any means. Just switching to a more casual setup. :-)
Hi, For sale is a HIFIMAN HE-Adapter which allows your to use speaker amp to drive headphones (not necessary just Hifiman headphones). It is in almost brand new condition. Only used it once or twice.   It retails for $99, and I am selling mine for $60.    Buyer pays for the actual shipping cost. Paypal add 3%.   Thanks for looking.
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