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The bottom is straight, and there is no lens distortion. it's basically the shades tricking your eyes. no need to concern here. 
yes, it does. :-)
some pics...i have to say photo wise Mjolnir goes very well with either HD800 or HE-6...same goes for the sound actually...                
oh...and i would NOT say that it's hot either. I have had hotter amps in the past (temperature wise, not looks )   ppl shouldn't worry about stacking it on top of anything (maybe except ice cubes.) 
This Schiit is much bigger than i imagined, and much heavier. This is truly the big leagues as it says in the manual. oh...the user manual is also bigger. hehe...   btw, i think that no one has mentioned this before. Mjolnir comes with three screw-in feet which is a huge plus.   I have to say that it is really worth the wait.     
think RMAF.... ;-)
no idea. I guess probably 8 GB. it supports both SDHC and SDXC cards, so you can easily drop in a large card. Personally i don't care about the onboard memory. Most of computers now come with SD card reader, so much easier to deal with the memory card.  
This seems to be the next Flagship Hifi Portable player from Hifiman - HM-901. They showed a prototype at the spring NY meet, and it sounded very good.   Finally a picture with the dock has been released, although no spec info has been released officially. The word is that it's coming out on 10/1.   Imagine a system that can be used both on the road and at home. pretty neat idea I would say.    
FINALLY!!! it's my birthday next week. Mjolnir (still can't spell the name...) can't come at a better time. ^_^
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