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I bought a Nomad Jukebox 3. Since it provides solid sound, I do have a good headphone DT250-80, so i would like to get a good portable headphone. Someone can give me some sugggetion? sony e888, koss kcs50, or something else? Thank you!
someone can tell me how to get the JMT CHA42 Amp? and how much it is, thank you
check out www.headphone.com, you probably will find some useful suggestion. it's a good web site for hi-fi which is recommanded by a lot of people here
finally, there are only two headphones on my list. Beyerdynamic DT 250-80 AND Ety ER-6, which one is good for pop music, and easy to drive? help me to pick one, i know everyone have their own thoughts, just let me hear yours. btw, what is the difference of the sound come out from these two phones?
is beyer DT-250 hard to drive? since it's impedance is 80, my grado sr-80 only has 32 impedance. and the beyer one costs $169(from headroom), my grado one only costs 95.
thank you for your replay. I do have a Grado SR-80, it's so good! i love it, now the problem is that this baby is too OPEN. My mom forces me to change it(so sad...hehe....). so any good suggestion for a sealed headphone, which is not as pricy as Ety er4p, and has great sound as my Grado?
This is really a good place. a lot of experts and people who like to give help. Just have a quick question. I am thinking if i need to get Ety er6 or er4p. I have read a lot of reviews. the only question i left is that with a poor resource(like MP3, played by laptop and my new Sony Net MD N1 player), will they still be different(mainly the sound)?
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