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How about aiwa hp-v600? it's also in-ear design
can someone give a little bit review against sony EX-70? thanks!
I just got my koss kcs-35 today. all i can say about is WOW!!! I think this is the best protable headphone, better than my previous favorite protable headphone Sony E888. good base response, well balanced. but i am wondering if people will complain when you wear it in the subway or bus since it's open design???
anyway, look at that $200 difference, Zen is way better than Ipod
so you mean the Nomad Jukebox III or even Zen performs the worst in sound quanlity? and Ipod does the best? you serious? i am trying to buy a mp3 player.
maybe creative software is buggy, but when you compare it to winPod software. it's still better. so for windows user, Zen or NJBIII are still the best choice.
i dont much about the PJbox. not a famous product. as far as i know, it only offers USB. i would never think abou it.
if you can wait, order from or save you $13 for shipping.
wow!!! poor apple, poor ipod user I can see them crying. i am going to order one right now!!!
i guess they take away line-out in order to reduce the size. that's the main reason why creative lab redesigned their jukebox
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