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if you can wait, order from amazon.com or buy.com. save you $13 for shipping.
wow!!! poor apple, poor ipod user I can see them crying. i am going to order one right now!!!
i guess they take away line-out in order to reduce the size. that's the main reason why creative lab redesigned their jukebox
amazon.com anounced that Zen would be released on 10/21. they started to take pre-order for it. $349.99 for 20 GB(not what i said 10 GB b4), pretty attractive, since NJBIII costs at least $330 also. what you got is a skinny(ofcourse, compare to NJBIII, still can't beat Ipod), tough(aluminum case, ipod lost on this point), a little light body(9.5 ounce). oh, you will get a case in the box also. based on this, Zen is not more expensive than NJBIII at all(a case costs 20...
you can go to buy.com, they start to take back order of Nomad Jukebox Zen, it's $358 for 10GB version, i heard there will be a 20GB version also. btw, It does have firewire connection.
I was going to buy a Nomad Jukebox 3 b4. since i heard Creative will release Nomad Jukebox Zen later, i am thinking if i need to wait for this one. It's small, thin, just a little bit expensive. but it also loses 10 GB space compare to Jukebox 3 and no line out, no double battery option, and no double color for backlight. what you guys think?
yes, guys, he is! i got his reply today. what a nice guy he is. i can't stop imagining my new amp right now. hehe...... Thank you for all the replies here!
I sent JMT private message. but seems you seldom come here to check his message. so does anybody know his email address or any other way that i can contact him?
email mribbs??? what you mean? btw, someone can tell me where i can get the koss ksc35?
damn, i do find a web site who sells ksc35. and it's the first time i see someone list its sale price higher than regular price, freak!
New Posts  All Forums: