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Just curious have you tried the DI with NFB-3? if you have, could you share your impression in terms of SQ improvement? thanks! My NFB-3 will not be shipped until the 25th. now i am thinking of adding  a DI, so i don't have to pay for the shipping next time.   
it is indeed a very nice album. have been looking for some good male vocal. enjoyed a lot. thanks!  
I am also a big fan. Have all her albums including this one. I would rank this one as No. 3.  Still think that Live at Blues Alley is THE BEST.  I would also recommand Melody Gardot, Katie Melua, Stacey Kent and Youn Sun Nah for ppl who is looking for great female vocalist. Oh...and ADELE!!!! 
yeah, you are right. We are all buying Hifiman's products because of what he claimed. 
Well...i guess i just took one for the team then. Order was placed, and i will let you know how it compares to my beloved HD650. According to NanKai (the owner of HifiMan), HE-4 totally beats HD650 in every aspect. We shall see. :-) Hopefully Chinese New Year will not slow down the shipping too much.
anyone else got HE-4 and care to share their thoughts? I am very interested in getting one. 
This is normal. it's def your computer. TF10 is very sensitive. I have the same issue with my HP laptop. that's why most of time i have it connect through my Headroom Micro DAC/AMP. 
sounds good. will PM you shortly
My original swap partner is not responding at all. Anyone is interested in doing this with me? i was so excited about this event until that happened. :-(
I am in and will ship CONUS and Canada
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