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  Totally agree with what you said. Mjolnir pairs extremely well with my Meridian 508 through balanced connection. I think that the key is to pair it with a good and musical source.
Have been enjoying Mjolnir since I got it. Ppl are wondering why this thread is so quiet. I cant say for others, but I just want to enjoy the sound rather than spending time on figuring out why it is so good. Jazz at pawnshop SACD balance out of my bdp-95 and balance into Mjolnir is truly amazing.
Yup. that's what i was told. it will basically function like a full-size desktop DAC with the dock. All the input/output you normally get from a desktop DAC will be implemented on the dock.
yes. the current HM-801 supports OSX. Since now the USB module is built in the dock, i can imagine that they can do much more than what they did with HM-801. It means a much better USB implementation.  
LOL...        Mjolnir is a great amp. Whoever can afford it should really give it a try. After all Schiit does offer a 15-day money back policy. Take advantage of that!   We can say all the good words in the world, but it shouldn't mean anything other than your own ears. 
yes, it is a cheap lens. cheap lens doesn't mean bad lens. expansive lens doesn't mean good photo.
The bottom is straight, and there is no lens distortion. it's basically the shades tricking your eyes. no need to concern here. 
yes, it does. :-)
some pics...i have to say photo wise Mjolnir goes very well with either HD800 or HE-6...same goes for the sound actually...                
oh...and i would NOT say that it's hot either. I have had hotter amps in the past (temperature wise, not looks )   ppl shouldn't worry about stacking it on top of anything (maybe except ice cubes.) 
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