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Hi, For sale is a Wireworld Starlight 7 AES/EBU Digital cable (1.5m) for $95  (MSRP $135) or best offer.   Buyer pays shipping and 3% paypal fee.   thanks for looking.   Eric
Hi, ***PRICE DROP***     Finally decided that it is time to upgrade to the ultimate Alpha Reference DAC (Black), so I am now selling my lovely Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 2 in absolute mint condition for $3250 $3100 or best offer (MSRP $4995). Comes with all original accessories, manual and box. Packed and ready to ship.   It is an original Series 2 unit, NOT a upgrade from series 1. It is the best the DAC i have ever heard and definitely the most reliable...
Hi, ***PRICE DROP***   The following items are included in this sale. All items are in working and good condition.    1 x HIFIMAN HM-901 portable music player with original box and accessories (charger, USB cable, adapter cable)   1 x HIFIMAN DOCK-1 with original box - This dock basically allows you to turn HM-901 into a very high quality desktop DAC with many input/output options such as USB. For more details please...
Hi, Selling my Audio-GD DI-V3 USB Interface with upgraded TCXO clock and matching DI-PSU for $160.    Buyer pays shipping and 3% Paypal fee.   Thanks for looking.
Hi, ***PRICE DROP***   Selling my LH Labs LINEAR POWER SUPPLY 4 (LPS4) in brand new condition for . Never had a chance to use it.    Buyer pays shipping and 3% Paypal fee.   I am also selling my Geek Pulse. If you buy both, I can offer a combo deal.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/772644/fs-lh-labs-geek-pulse-standard-dac-amp-mint-condition   Thanks for looking.   Eric
Hi, Selling my LH Labs Geek Pulse (standard) DAC/AMP in MINT condition for . It comes with the standard brick power supply as well as the Lightspeed Jr. USB cable. I also have the original box and manual.   Buyer pays shipping and 3% Paypal fee.   I am also selling my LPS4. Never used once. If you buy both, i can offer a combo deal.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/772645/fs-lh-labs-linear-power-supply-4-lps4-brand-new   Thanks for looking.
Hi, ***PRICE DROP***   Since i have moved on to speakers, it is a shame to see my lovely EF6 collecting dust on the desk. So I am now selling it for or best offer.   The amp is in good condition and work perfectly. Buyer is responsible for shipping and Paypal fee.   If you are looking for more info about this amp, you can visit the following link.   http://head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=271   Thanks for looking.
Hi, Selling my LH Labs Geek OUT 720 in black for $138 shipped within US.    The unit is in LIKE NEW condition except the sticker on the back which is losing prints (see photo). It's normal with all geek outs, so every geek out will have this. All original accessories and the boxes are included.   Shipping is included and buyer adds 3% for Paypal fee.   Thanks for looking.
talking about ultimate headphone mobile setup.     ok...ok...i know this is not mobile by any mean. Also people who is able to afford HE-1000 probably have a much fancier desktop setup, but OMG this sounds awesome. Forget about anything you know. This is on a whole other level.   
Hi, Found myself listening to speakers more and more these days, so decided to let go of my mint condition Hifiman HE-560 with original cable as well as original box.    The price is $640 shipped within US. International buyers pays for actual shipping cost.   Paypal preferred. Buyer is responsible for Paypal fee.   Thanks!
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