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Has anyone sent back your AmpCity cable yet? what information should i send along? No one from UM has ever contacted me after i filled out their form online.   I am a bit worried that if i send it back and they claim they have never recieved it, i won't be able to get the new cable.
Price Drop
Hi, I am selling my Cardas Clear Headphone cable for Hifiman headphone (works for all models). It's 1.5 meter long with 1/4" Cardas plug.   I am the first owner, and have only used it for about 50~100 hours. Selling it only because I need a cable with 4-pin XLR connector for my new balanced amp.   It's the best headphone cable i have heard so far. It improves bass performance, gives a more 3D-like sound stage and makes the sound more musical.      It...
still no cable...
No news for the silver cable?
Hi, I am now selling my Q audio Cable for Hifiman HE headphone. It is 2 Meter (6.5 feet) long and terminated with 4 pin XLR. It also comes with a 4 pin XLR to 1/4" TRS adapter.    The retail price is $260 not including shipping. I am selling it for SOLD or best offer SHIPPED within US. International buyer will have to pay for the actual full shipping cost.   Paypal preferred (please add 3% paypal fee). Also willing to take money order or check.   Not...
Don't judge Schiit by its price. Personally I believe that they can easily price Mjolnir at $1000, and still be considered as a steal. 
really? where you read this from? Personally i am very satisfied with HE-6 paired with Mjolnir.
  Totally agree with what you said. Mjolnir pairs extremely well with my Meridian 508 through balanced connection. I think that the key is to pair it with a good and musical source.
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