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it seems that you really needed the HE-6 with a  power amp. LOL...^_^    
i have a Stax Nova Signature. they sound totally different.    
I enjoyed Eric Clapton's Cocaine with HE-400 quite a lot    
OK. just for fun:   HE-300 Pro: a pretty good dynamic headphone. easy to drive. low price. Con: Not an ortho   HE-400 Pro: satisfying bass, light weight, easy to drive, do i need to mention the price? Con: treble is a little bit brighter than i like. Not as smooth and transparent as its bigger brother HE-500   HE-500 Pro: THE best mids(vocal) ever. do i need to mention the price again?  Con: bass is a little light. The overall sounding is a little too polite for Rock and...
which ones are you referring to?    
that's kind of question that usually gets me into trouble. ^_^ Because no matter what I say, someone somewhere will figure out a way to argue that he or she has listened to another setup with another headphone that is way better.    There is no perfect headphone out there, and each person's hearing and music preference is different. I respect everyone's opinion. That being said since i said that i will try to answer everyone's question, i will go ahead and say "yes, on...
Fang arrived in the states last week to prepare for their CES show. I robbed his hotel room. :) I was told they are having a huge show.   Not planning to write any more, but will try to answer all your questions :)    
leather pads for sure, velour pads most likely not 100% sure. Leather pads now comes with an extra layer of foam inside, so in my opinion much better than the velour pads    
according to Fang they figured out a way to manufacture it in a way that requires much less manual work and can be produced much quickly, so the lower labor cost and high efficiency of manufacturing allows them to sell it at a much lower price and still make a profit.     
where is the hype? there is no hype. ^_^ there are only two posts on headfi about HE-400, and this one hasn't even passed 10 pages yet. i probably posted half of them. hehe....    
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