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It seems to me that you should give HE-400 a try. I am serious. ;-)    
Fantastic writing! I am SO relieved that I am not the one who was impressed by the performance of HE-400, and more importantly will not be so solely responsible for building up the hype. LOL... ^_^   Have been doing quite a lot listening with HE-400 during the past Holiday driven by EF-6. I am actually liking it more and more mostly because of the weight and fun sounding.   I certainly wouldn't call HE-400 a light weight headphone, but it has hit a sweet spot and no...
i live in Queens.  
i am a good friend of Fang, and called him at the right time. :-)  A good headphone is a good headphone. Maybe I AM biased because i simply like all Hifiman's products. ^_^ To be clear, i am also biased towards all Schiit Audio's products as well. I think that LYR and BIFROST are awesome. I am also biased towards Stax only if i could afford a 009. ^_^ I don't think that anyone here ordered a HE-400 just simply because i said it is good. If you are, CANCEL your order now....
i could just translate that for you easily since i wrote that piece. LOL...   one thing i would like to correct if i may. The dynamics of HE-400 is better than HE-300, not the other way around.    
oh, you guys are right. i always forgot about T50RP. don't know why. :-P   would be interesting to compare T50RP/Thundpants against HE-400. Only if someone can lend me one. LOL...
i am not an expert on headphone, but i imagine it's not going to be quite easy if even possible for a closed Orthodynamic design due to the way how the diaphragm moves. That's why there is no closed electrostatic headphone either. Just try to use your hands to cover the headphone, and you will how bad it sounds.  
it seems that you really needed the HE-6 with a  power amp. LOL...^_^    
i have a Stax Nova Signature. they sound totally different.    
I enjoyed Eric Clapton's Cocaine with HE-400 quite a lot    
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