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+1. warm sounding has nothing to do with micro details. does it mean only a headphone with dry and cold sound signature is able to produce incredible details? Does it mean that all the tube amplifiers simply lacks in details compare to solid state amps? ^_^  It's difficult to describe sound with words. I just read somewhere that it's like use words to describe wine. you just have to listen to it yourself in order to understand. Plus everyone's hearing is different and not...
you bet :-)    
nope. I have been using it to drive HE-400 (the new Hifiman headphone), HE-500, HE-6 and LCD2. The sensitivity ranges from 93 dB to 83.5 dB. Never felt a need to have a gain control. I probably won't use it to drive an IEM. :-)    
i wouldn't call it a bass monster like Beats or D7K. It's just when you listen to a headphone from Hifiman, you normally wouldn't expect a lot of bass. Their house sound is always sweet warm mids, excellent treble with airy and spacious sound. 
you can clearly feel and hear "click" from the amp, but definitely NOT in the headphone.     
Picture of EF6        
i think that Lyr operates in class AB when driving HE-6.     
i have been listening to HE-400 since yesterday. let me answer a few questions   1. In terms of the build quality, it's exactly the same as HE-500 and HE-6. Personally I can't tell the difference at all.    2. The blue color actually looks pretty refreshing. I thought i wouldn't like it, but i kind of do.    3. The first thing people will notice about this headphone is the bass. I have heard almost every single Hifiman Planar headphone, and they always stay...
Well...first thing first. here is a picture of the HE-400  
Why couldn't they release it before Christmas???          
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