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Hi, Instead of having several systems at home, i have decided to focus on upgrading one system and make it better. The first let go is my beloved Stax SR-Λ Lambda Nova Signature Headphone + SRM-1/MK-2 Amp. Both units work flawlessly. They make a great system for ppl who want to get a taste of Stax Electrostatic headphone without braking the bank.   The headphone is in very good condition except the leather headband which is showing the age of this headphone (see...
Hi, Never had a flagship Dynamic before. I am thinking that it's time to give that a try. I am hoping to trade my beloved Hifiman HE-6 in mint condition for a pair of HD800 also in mint condition. PM me if you are interested. Only HD800 and only in US please.   If i couldn't find a pair of HD800, i am also open to cash offer for my HE-6. No low ball please.   Thanks!    
I have had HE-400 for a while, and have tried it with iPhone4, iPad, HM-602 and HM-801 with balance module. The results were all pretty good. Especially driving it directly out of iPhone4 which i expected to sound under powered, but totally not. Obviously it does sound better once you feed it with more power. 
HE-400 has more bass, slightly rough and less lush mids, and brighter treble.     
It's faster than HD650 for sure. After all it's an ortho. :-)     
I have been asking myself the same question these days. If i were to buy a headphone today, would I get HE-400 or spend more for the HE-500? I used to have the HE-4, and upgrading to HE-6/HE-500 was a no brainer. This time i am not so sure. $300 is a lot of money. You can get a pretty decent amp to drive the HE-400 with 300 bucks.   Ultimately i think that it really depands on what type of music you listen to, and what kind of amp you already have.    
It seems to me that you should give HE-400 a try. I am serious. ;-)    
Fantastic writing! I am SO relieved that I am not the one who was impressed by the performance of HE-400, and more importantly will not be so solely responsible for building up the hype. LOL... ^_^   Have been doing quite a lot listening with HE-400 during the past Holiday driven by EF-6. I am actually liking it more and more mostly because of the weight and fun sounding.   I certainly wouldn't call HE-400 a light weight headphone, but it has hit a sweet spot and no...
i live in Queens.  
i am a good friend of Fang, and called him at the right time. :-)  A good headphone is a good headphone. Maybe I AM biased because i simply like all Hifiman's products. ^_^ To be clear, i am also biased towards all Schiit Audio's products as well. I think that LYR and BIFROST are awesome. I am also biased towards Stax only if i could afford a 009. ^_^ I don't think that anyone here ordered a HE-400 just simply because i said it is good. If you are, CANCEL your order now....
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