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I will do more comparison with Hifiman's EF-5 amp after the holiday. I left it in my office.
There is a mistake on their web site. The actual weight of the amp is 23.7 pounds. I have informed Fang about that.    
btw, there is a mistake on Head Direct web site. The actual weight is 23.7 pounds. I have informed Fang about the mistake.    
oh, that's what he meant. see...the truth is that it's not always about power. Yes, HE-6 needs a lot of power to dance, but Power or Watts is not everything. If it was, you would think that companies like Woo Audio or Red Wine Audio would have run out of business long time ago. :-)    
I helped Fang to demo the prototype EF6 at both the Canjam show and NY meets this year. The feedback is quite positive. Schiit Audio, which is also a very new company, surprised everyone last year with their amp LYR. i think EF6 is kind of in the same boat. well...we will see. :-)
Hifiman's new amplifier EF6 (see link below). Fang just came to the States couple days ago to prepare for their upcoming CES show. After i heard the news, i immediately called him, and he was generous enough to let me borrow their new product HE-400 and EF6 for a while.    
really?? please please post some impression after you have it. :-) it is on my list as well. i just wished that it could be a little easier to heard Kingwa's stuff in the states, and the shipping won't cost 10% of the gear. ^_^    
correct. i understand that, but how does one define the word "properly". :-)   I never said that everyone should just drive it out of iPhone, and call it a day. What i was saying is that it does give you surprisingly good sound IF one decides to drive it directly out of something like an i-device. You have an option. :-)    
i have heard Audio-gd 10SE before. I had high hopes. i almost bought one myself, but figured that NY meet was so close and i should give it a listen first. Personally i was not that impressed.   Yes, it's a great $500 amp, and it is fully balanced with a good DAC inside. Unfortunately the sound is kind of thin with not much musicality. it is a great choice for an office desk, but i wouldn't use it as my main gear. That's just me. :-)    
don't know what you mean    
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