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This seems to be the next Flagship Hifi Portable player from Hifiman - HM-901. They showed a prototype at the spring NY meet, and it sounded very good.   Finally a picture with the dock has been released, although no spec info has been released officially. The word is that it's coming out on 10/1.   Imagine a system that can be used both on the road and at home. pretty neat idea I would say.    
FINALLY!!! it's my birthday next week. Mjolnir (still can't spell the name...) can't come at a better time. ^_^
Hi, I am selling my Moon Audio Black Dragon Power Cord 6ft in mint condition. I bought it directly from Moon Audio about one year ago for $300 plus shipping.   Now i am selling it for $239 $219 shipped (or best offer) within US. I am also willing to ship it outside of US, but buyer must pay full shipping cost.   Paypal preferred. Please add 3% to cover paypal fee.    Thanks for looking.
HE-6 doesn't really need 10 Watts. 5W is good enough. Hifiman's own EF6 amp, which was designed specifically to drive HE-6, also outputs 5W into 50ohms. What's more important for orthoes is high current output. 
got the payment. will ship it out right away. thanks!
Hi, I am selling Unique Melody Custom IEM Stock Cable in Mint Condition for $39 shipped within US. The retail price is $59.    Paypal preferred. Please add 3% to cover paypal fee.   Thanks!
Hi, I am selling my Hifiman HE-400 headphone in mint condition for SOLD or best offer shipped within US. International buyer must pay for actual full shipping cost.   I have all the original accessories (headphone cable and cloth pouch), but I no longer have the paper box. It is not a storage box, but simply a paper box for packaging purpose. There is really no use for it.   Retail HE-400 ONLY includes one pair of leather pads. I am throwing in a free pair of...
Hi, Since i no longer own any Audeze headphone, I am now selling my Q audio Cable for LCD-2/LCD-3. It is 2 Meter (6.5 feet) long and terminated with 4 pin XLR. It also comes with a 4 pin XLR to 1/4" TRS adapter.    The retail price is $260 not including shipping. I am selling it for $179 or best offer shipped within US. International buyer must pay for actual full shipping cost.   Paypal preferred (please add 3% paypal fee), but also willing to take money order...
Personally i don't think that HE-6's sound signature is bright. It will def sound bright if not giving enough power, and HE-6 needs a lot of power.    We all hear things differently. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. :-)   Have a sound signature is actually good. Having a little bit color in the sound is actually good (as long as it was done tastefully and mildly). Most of the hi-end products have its own sound signature. Dead...
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