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totally agree. that's why HE-400 was really a big surprise to me. Fang did mention it before handed over the headphone to me, and i thought that they probably just emphasized the bass a little more, nothing special. I was wrong. I have no intention to suggest that the bass of LCD2 and HE-400 are the same. They are NOT. LCD2 is still probably better, but i just couldn't' help myself but comparing those two.    btw, I don't know if you have heard the HE-6 with a Power Amp...
in MY OWN opinion HE-400 is at a higher level than HD650. here is MY list of tiers for the headphones you mentioned. again, just MY list. :-)   4) HD650/K701/HE-300 3) HE-4 2.5) HE-400 2) LCD2/HE-500/Lamda Nova 1) HE-6    
i haven't had the HE-4 for quite a while. What i can remember is that HE-400 is much easier to drive. I never tried HE-4 with metal since that's not something i usually listen to, but HE-400 sounds pretty good with the album "Massive Attack" i just put on (got it as a gift from another headier here). I see that you have Burson HA-160DS, and based on its output power you will definitely got much better results with HE-400 than HE-4.    
very good question. i just checked Hifiman's web site it has a 30 refund policy. :-)    
HE-6 does NOT need a 100 watt power amplifier to shine. Ppl started to use power amp to drive the HE-6 simply because there was NO headphone amplifier available before that can even puts out 5W into 50 ohm. Even if there was, the amount of current is usually not enough for Orthoes. Yes, HE-6 does sound pretty good with Power amps. that's the reason why EF6 is actually a power amp design too. However, power amps are designed for speakers, but not headphones. The amount of...
Hifiman has recently added an extra layer of form in their new leather pads. it should resolve this issue for most of ppl.  The HE-400 i am wearing right now comes with this type of leather pads.    
I will do more comparison with Hifiman's EF-5 amp after the holiday. I left it in my office.
There is a mistake on their web site. The actual weight of the amp is 23.7 pounds. I have informed Fang about that.    
btw, there is a mistake on Head Direct web site. The actual weight is 23.7 pounds. I have informed Fang about the mistake.    
oh, that's what he meant. see...the truth is that it's not always about power. Yes, HE-6 needs a lot of power to dance, but Power or Watts is not everything. If it was, you would think that companies like Woo Audio or Red Wine Audio would have run out of business long time ago. :-)    
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