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nope. it still has two magnets in each driver like HE-500/HE-6. HE-400 is completely different from HE-4. i told Fang that ppl might be confused because of the names. hehe...    
i had to return it back to Fang. Not going to write a review unless i can have it for at least one month. I am pretty Fang has already made some arrangements, and reviews from ppl much more famous than me are under way right now. :-P   I just wanted everyone to know that there is a good headphone on the block. If heavy weight, low sensitivity and high price tag have stopped you from tasting the addictive Ortho "drug", it might be a good time to look again.   btw, if i am...
The blue color on HE-400 looks very subtle in person. It's not BMW M3 Blue if you know what i mean. :)    
HE-500 is still the king of mids/vocal. :-) In comparison the mids of HE-400 is a little bit less refined and not as smooth. Although i really enjoyed listening to male vocal on HE-400 because of the extra bass.    I never liked the mids on HD650. too lay back and veil in my taste. In comparison the mids of HE-400 is more forward and involving.   
HE-400 actually is a total different headphone from HE-4, and it is better than HE-4 in my opinion.    
HE-500 is def more transparent and smooth. Overall 500 is no doubt a better headphone.    
in terms of power, that combo should be fine. I am not familiar with the sound signature of E9. For HE-400 i would suggest ppl to use warm and sweeting sounding amp.    
LOL...i have suggested the same thing to Fang. or Lambo Yellow. ^_^   as soon as you start to use color other than Black or Silver, there is always going to be ppl who don't like certain color. that's just the way it is.    
The answer is yes. i have been driving the HE-400 (yes, i currently have a HE-400 on hand ^_^) with my iPhone4, and the sound is surprisingly good. of course once you start to use more powerful portable source like HM-602 or HM-801, the sound just gets better and better.    btw, i have been a big Ortho fan for quite a while, and never considered HE-500/LCD2/HE-6 to be heavy until i switched them between HE-400. it is still heavier than dynamic headphone, but for an ortho...
yes, it is. i mean overall yes. i am sure you might be able to find something that you prefer HE-4 over HE-400, but overall (price, weight, sensitivity and sound) I think that HE-400 is a better headphone.    
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