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Hi, I am selling my LH Labs Geek Pulse X Infinity and matching linear power supply LPS in mint condition. I am the first owner and have had both for about 15 months.   Pulse X Infinity is the TOP model of the Pulse family with all the possible upgrades include femto clocks and naked resistors. It is the best sounding Sabre 9018K2M implementation currently on the market.   The sale price is  including all the original accessories and boxes plus a very nice Lightspeed...
Glad to see all the positive feedbacks. I have been enjoying my Andromeda everyday. I do find myself prefer the Tinsel wire on top of the new Litz wire. I feel that it produces a more open, transparent and neutral sound. On the other hand the Litz cable is slightly warmer sounding with a bit more bass.
Yup. That's the correct specs. Ken mentioned that Andromeda is also amp friendly due to its low impedance.
yes, it is. If I have nitpick one thing about Andromeda, I would wish that it could be slightly less sensitive. There is ZERO noise straight out of iPhone and 40% volume is plenty loud. However, with an amp such an CDM you can hear a slight background noise. It is only noticeable when music is not playing. When the music starts you won't be able to tell at all.
 I completely agree, but for me I ended up purchasing Andromeda after comparing to K10. I just found Andromeda's sound has more soul and more character. It clicked with my heart so deeply and so instantly. The decision was easier than i thought. Btw, if you thought the sound stage of Andromeda is amazing, wait until you try running it balanced. It even opens up even more coming out the balanced output of my CDM. Truly amazing stuff.
Although CA is a relatively new brand, ALO Audio and Ken have been around for a very long time. I still remember many years ago when i first bought a Salty Pepper headphone upgrade cable from ALO. Although it was not cheap, I was hugely amazed by its unique design, super high build quality and good sound improvement. One thing i am certain about ALO and Ken is that they don't do cheap stuff. You may or may not like their sound, but you will most certainly appreciate the...
Bass is definitely enough and feels balanced with the treble. The sound is not tilting towards either end, just more of everything.Btw, the green looks very good in person. The finish is Apple like.
You really have to listen to it in order to feel it. The way how Andromeda handles treble is what amazed me the most. I hate hash treble period, but I also don't like flat or dull treble either. Andromeda really found a perfect point to make it sparkle but not piercing, extended but not harsh, open but not bright.
yes, the litz wire. It is beautiful and have a jewelry like look. I really wish Ken would make it slightly thicker. Right now it is slightly girly dare I say it. LOL....
to me there are too many top level IEMs which try to play safe with the sound. They try too hard to be neutral and unoffensive which I could understand. A bright sounding or bloomy bass IEM is the worst. However, Andromeda is like a great gymnast always walking the fine line of staying on the bar and falling off.
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